SoulTech the Gathering / Trout Lake, WA

Matthew is really excited to be presenting at SoulTech the Gathering in August!  SoulTech is a cutting edge conference of leaders within the Spiritual, Healing and Consciousness communities taking place at the incredible ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington, August 9-12.


SoulTech is a collaboration between Fade to Black, Modern Masters and the ECETI Ranch, providing attendees an opportunity to drop out of the Consensus Reality and into an incredibly healing experience of Magic and Learning on remarkable piece of land near Mt. Adams, Washington.  These organizers have brought together a vibrant collection of Leaders, each of whom will offer their unique insights and services via small-group presentations on three individually-themed days: Awaken, Explore and Create.  The setting for each presentation will be intimate, the location of the conference at ECETI is extraordinary, and the presentations will be so powerful that you will leave the conference feeling Refreshed and Inspired.


Matthew will be presenting workshops on Day 1: Awaken and Day 2: Explore


The Day 1: Awaken Workshop will focus on recognizing the energetic changes that are occurring in our world now and beginning to work with these incredible energies.  Matthew will facilitate energetic clearings and will lead a very specific Guided Meditation that will facilitate the Checking-In Activation that is fundamental to his healing modality, Gamma Wave Healing.  All participants will leave the workshop with a very powerful tool to help them to navigate these incredible times.


The Day 2: Explore Workshop will continue with some discussion of the energetic situation of our world today, and will launch us forward into this new energy with two very powerful tools: Energetic Activations for consciously accessing the Metatron Field and the Universal Light Grid.


Metatron, or Arch Angel Metatron, is a supreme being that is supporting humanity at this time.  Matthew has extensive experience in working with this being, and will lead a Guided Meditation that will facilitate energetic access into the Frequency Field associated with Metatron.


The Universal Light Grid is an energetic web of Light that permeates all of knowable reality.  Matthew will lead some discussion on how to recognize the presence of the Universal Light Grid and then will lead a Guided Meditation that will facilitate access into this grid.  Once we have conscious access into the Grid, we can gain information, heal our energy bodies, and many other amazing things.


On Day 3: Create, Matthew will become a participant himself and join in the presentations of his colleagues, learning new skills from these amazing speakers.


SoulTech the Gathering will be an amazing opportunity to connect with some of the world’s most dynamic leaders, and you will walk away from this amazing event with very powerful and practical tools to support your personal journey forward through these remarkable times.


Check out the website to reserve your space and to learn more about the event, the speakers and the organizers here

Matthew will be offering a limited number of Private Healing Sessions while at SoulTech.  To reserve your healing session click here:


Matthew hopes to see you there!


Aug 09 - 12 2018


10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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