Gamma Wave Healing Level 1 – Johannesburg

Matthew Ryan, from Taos, New Mexico, has been a healing practitioner since 2000. Following a Close Encounter with a UFO in 2004, a new healing modality, called Gamma Wave Healing, began to develop through him. The techniques that he has developed can be shared through the Gamma Wave Healing series of workshops.
During Gamma Wave Healing Level 1 you will learn the following techniques:
Checking-In: Learn how to consciously access a Gamma State. Your ability to access energetic information will be permanently increased
Body Scans and Clearing: You will learn to scan a person’s Energy Field for Distortions, then clear the distorted patterns, sending them back to Source
Reset and Clear Energetic Connective Chords: You will learn to identify, reset and clear Energetic Connective Chords between people related to Past Lives
Facilitate Channeled Readings: You will activate your Channel, applying this technique with the use of Tarot / Angel Cards, and by contacting Spirit Guides (Angels, Star Beings)
You will also receive several Energetic Clearings and Activations during the workshop
Dates: July 2nd and July 3rd: 10 AM – 6 PM
Cost: $300
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Jul 02 - 03 2019


10:00 am - 6:00 pm



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