Gamma Wave Healing 1 Day Intensive Workshop: TORONTO

Matthew Ryan, the developer of a unique Energetic Healing Modality, Gamma Wave Healing (, is excited to return to Canada for the first time since 2016! After traveling to Calgary, he will finish this trip in the Toronto area.
Matthew has facilitated Energetic Healing and Readings for hundreds of people since the year 2000. During that time, he received many intense energetic activations, including a close encounter with a UFO in 2004. These experiences have led him to develop a unique Energetic Healing Modality called Gamma Wave Healing, named after the modality’s ability to assist you in entering a Gamma Wave brain state.
Gamma Wave Healing can help you to identify and release deeply imprinted energetic patters including Trauma, Energetic Implants, and Distortions in your Holographic DNA. Work can be done to clear Energetic Connective Cords with other people and with Past Lives, and Gamma Wave Healing can help facilitate powerful Energetic Activations.
The One Day Workshop will be held on Saturday June 30, from 10:00 until 17:00.
The 1 Day Intensive Workshop will discuss several topics related to the incredible energies that we are experiencing, including a detailed update on the energies and activity occurring behind the scenes related to the liberation of our planet from the System of Control.
You will receive the primary activation in Gamma Wave Healing, Checking-In, which enables you to access the Gamma State and assists you in Self-Healing and accessing high frequency information. You will also learn how to recognize and access the Universal Light Grid, you will receive several Energetic Activations, and Group Clearings will be facilitated for the group.
Previous experience with Gamma Wave Healing or other energetic healing modalities is not required to participate in the 1 Day Intensive Workshop. It is, however, recommended that you have a functional understanding of meditative practices like Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, etc. in order to best receive the attunements. If you participated in the Gamma Wave Healing Level 1 Workshop, there will be a small amount of overlap, but several new activations and clearings will be facilitated and would be worthwhile for participants who wish to accelerate their journey in energetic healing and awakening.
Cost for the 1 Day Intensive Workshop is $150 USD or $225 CAD.
Go to this link to make your reservation.
When booking online, if you want to pay with cash at the event, please use a Coupon Code of CASH2018 and you will not be charged online. Please try to have exact change as change may not be available depending upon the number of attendees.
The location of the Private Healing Sessions and 1 Day Intensive Workshop is:
Matthew hopes that you can join him for this incredible opportunity!


Jun 30 2018


10:00 am - 5:00 pm




Matthew Ryan
[email protected]

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