South Africa Retreat Session 1

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I will be leading a truly life changing retreat to South Africa this June and July.

Many of you have heard me share my experiences with my cleanse in South Africa last year. This was truly the most transformative experience of my life and I have been changed ever since that week in May last year. This experience was so utterly profound and life affirming for me that I immediately formed an intention to bring a group of people with me to undergo this incredibly powerful healing and transformation for themselves. Now that time is here for 8 incredibly fortunate people.

Who is this retreat for? This retreat’s cleanse is for anybody who has made a commitment to themselves to become the Most Authentic Being that they can be. It is for anybody who has a deep desire to Release Physical Distortions in their Body (chronic illness, dis-ease, etc.). The cleanse is for anybody desiring to Release Addiction from their life. It is for anybody who has been deeply seeking within themselves to make a Breakthrough in their life. The cleanse is for anybody who is ready to take that next pivotal step in their Journey of Awakening into the Truth of Who They Are.

The cleanse that you will undergo on this retreat is designed to Cleanse and Reset all aspects of your Being. Your physical body will receive an extremely potent cleanse that can assist you in releasing a wide range of physical maladies. Simultaneously, you will be impeccably supported in taking a huge step forward in reclaiming the Most Authentic expression of who you are in this world, releasing the patterns of energy that have interfered with or restrained your growth and healing. Your Heart, Mind, Spirit and Body will experience a healing and reset.

You will journey to Magaliesburg, South Africa, an area rich in farmland and culture, right in the heart of the so-called Cradle of Humanity. The healing center that we will visit resides on a large protected farm in an area primarily composed of large farms and game reserves. The setting is idyllic, and though it feels remote, it is easily accessed by O.R. Tambo Intentional Airport in Johannesburg. You will make your way from your home to Johannesburg (international flights to SA will not be included in the cost of the retreat). We will pick you up once you have cleared customs and your journey of transformation and healing will begin there.

The primary focus of this healing retreat is a powerful and thorough Cleanse, guided by two incredibly gifted medicine women, Rhoda and Tanitchkha. The Cleanse is comprehensive, incorporating Personal Reflection, High Frequency Diet, Sauna, Daily Colon Flushes, and several traditional Plant Medicines to support your Healing, Detoxification and Awakening. Additionally, I will journey along with you, providing Energetic Healing support to you while you cleanse.

Rhoda and Tanitchkha are impeccable guides on this healing journey. They will customize your cleanse to fit your specific needs. They have assisted more than 1000 people to Release Addiction, to Heal their Bodies, to Open their Hearts and to Free their Spirit. Though I make no claim as to curing what ails you, they have successfully assisted people to heal an incredible range of illness. Addiction, Cancer, Diabetes, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue and many more are among the conditions successfully treated. You can experience release from Trauma, heal physical problems with your body, clear Parasites, etc. Energetically, you will undergo an activation of your consciousness that you have never experienced before. This cleanse is an open doorway into the 5D. Will you step through?

We will operate two separate retreats, each hosting 4 people for 7 Days / 8 Nights. If you desire and warrant an extra thorough cleanse, a 10 Day Cleanse can be arranged.

Dates of the Cleanse:

Retreat 1: Friday June 21 – Saturday June 29 (Friday evening through Saturday morning)

Retreat 2: Friday July 5 – Saturday July 13 (Friday evening through Saturday morning)

Optional 10 Day Retreat: Friday June 21 – Tuesday July 2 (Friday evening through Tuesday morning)

All of your needs will be covered once you arrive in South Africa until the cleanse is completed. Airport transfers will be arranged to the farm. Once you arrive you will be guided to your private room, which will be your sanctuary for the duration of the cleanse. After settling in and getting to know each other, the cleanse will begin with the first of your high-frequency meals, lovingly and intentionally prepared for your specific dietary needs. You will also begin your work with the traditional Plant Medicines to support your cleanse.

Lodging Accommodations:

You will have a private room to yourself, located in a small complex of 4 rooms housing the other 3 people cleansing. Each room will have a living space for your luggage, bed, your altar, yoga and meditation practice, etc. There is also a room in the back that has your toilet, sink and shower. All rooms have a private back area, individually fenced in. The front doors all open into a lovely fenced-in yard and have a chair for relaxing in front of the rooms. There is a wonderful fire pit where you can gather every night. It is a perfect little sanctuary for you. You can choose to engage your new friends, or you can spend time in solitude processing your journey.


Your diet during the cleanse will be individually tailored to your needs by Rhoda and Tanitchkha. The diet tends to be vegetarian and organic, though meat may be included if need be. You will experience what it means to eat very high frequency food, prepared with full Intention and Loving care for you. A typical day would begin with fresh fruit, juices and perhaps a smoothie. Lunch and an evening meal will also be provided, as well as amazing deserts. This may change depending upon which day of the cleanse you are completing, but in general, you will be held nutritionally in the highest way possible, and you will absolutely miss this diet once the cleanse is completed.

Sweat Lodges:

A daily journey into the sauna will become a regular part of the routine. You will activate your immune system and flush toxins from your body, feeling more extraordinary as the days go by.

Plant Medicines:

Your guides on this Cleanse have extensive training and experience working with a wide range of Plant Medicine Allies to support your cleansing journey. All of these medicines are just that: Medicine. These allies are not a light-hearted joyride through spiritual tourism. They are powerful allies in your journey of healing and awakening. Rhoda and Tanitchkha will design your journey with the Plant Allies based upon your specific needs, your sensitivity and your experience. Both women will directly supervise all of your Plant Ally journeys, so you can journey deeply into the experience, knowing you will be impeccably held and exquisitely cared for. Though some of the Allies are psychotropic, many of them are not. All of them, however, are unified in their ability to support you in your healing journey. They work directly with your Neurology, your Endocrine System, your Endocannabinoid System, your Digestive System and your ability to Detoxify your body, all building support as you move through your cleanse. The pinnacle of the cleanse will be your work with a powerful Plant Ally, Iboga.

Iboga is a Plant Ally in the form of a tree that is endemic to Gabon, in West Africa. There are a few forms of this ally that you might work with during your cleanse, however, the primary ceremony of the cleanse will be an afternoon and evening journeying in solitude with Iboga.

The Iboga is literally a Gift for Humanity from the Spirit World. Journeying with Iboga is an experience that will leave you utterly transformed at all levels. During my journey, I was told that it is a Total Frequency Reset for your Being. It is like a “Get out of Jail Free” card for our human experience, enabling us to return to the True Essence of who we were when we came into this world, yet updated to fit who we have become.

This transformation may leave your body transformed, releasing physical maladies that have afflicted you. It can clear patterns of energy that have anchored your experience in low densities, like Addiction. You may experience a journey similar to a Near Death Experience, where you revisit salient experiences of your life, seeing them through a new lens of understanding, while simultaneously releasing the trauma and distortions that were experienced. You may also experience a Deconstruction of the False Egoic Self, or a meeting with your Higher Self, leaving you with an awakened understanding of you who you truly are and what you are meant to do in this world.

Suffice it to say that the pinnacle experience of journeying with Iboga is something that you will never forget and I suspect that it will stay with you for many weeks, months and years. My journey with Iboga has worked its way through every aspect of my life, informing every major shift and moment of lucidity since that ceremony. I have journeyed with powerful Plant Allies extensively over the years, and the Iboga stands alone in relationship to the profundity of the experience. I am truly grateful for the opportunities that Rhoda and Tanitchkha have afforded me to heal myself and awaken my consciousness by working with the Iboga.

Following your Iboga ceremony, you will be guided through a few more days of rest and integration. The Plant Allies that will be administered during this time will assist your integration of the Iboga and all of the healing and insights that were revealed to you.

Once the 8 Nights and 7 Days are complete, I promise that you will be forever changed, and you will be so excited to return to your life, walking as an Authentic Being.

Time may be made available for you to visit the local area, perhaps including an exciting excursion to a local Game Reserve to see the Big 5 African Mammals. Transfers will be arranged for you back to Johannesburg. From there, the Cleanse will be complete for you.

South Africa is a remarkable country full of amazing people. You may chose to extend your visit to South Africa beyond your time in the retreat. Journeys to Cape Town are very easy from O.R. Tambo. Also, excursions to Safari in the Kruger National Park are easily arranged from Johannesburg. If you are interested in exploring the amazing Stone Circle Ruins of South Africa, I can put you into contact with my dear friend Michael Tellinger’s team at Stone Circle, in Waterval Boven. Regardless, there are ample opportunities to make this journey to South Africa a trip of a lifetime.


The Cost of the Retreat is $2800 USD

If you elect for the 10 Day Cleanse, the cost is $3500 USD

The Cost of the Retreat Includes: Airport transfers from and to O.R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, your lodging, all meals, all Plant Medicines and ceremonies, and all other forms of treatment including Saunas, Colon Flushes and any appropriate healing sessions with Matthew (you will have at least 1 session with me). You will leave with your colon flush bag so that you can continue a regimen of cleansing at home.

The Cost of the Retreat DOES NOT INCLUDE: Round Trip Airfare to South Africa, gratuities for the retreat staff, any purchases of tourist goods, any additional travel inside of South Africa including to Cape Town, Kruger Park, Stone Circle, etc.

A deposit of $800 is required to reserve your spot in the retreat.

When booking Session 1 or Session 2, enter a COUPON CODE of SADEPOSIT to only pay the $800 Deposit.

When booking the 10 Day Retreat, enter a COUPON CODE of 10DAYDEPOSIT to only pay the $800 Deposit.

Space is very limited as only 4 people will cleanse during each session of the retreat. I would urge you to consider this limited space availability as you consider your attendance.

Airfare to South Africa has been holding steady at approximately $1600-2200 USD round trip from the USA, depending upon where you will fly from. Direct flights are available from JFK and Washington Dulles, and perhaps others. Most flights include a connection through Europe or the Middle East, so plan accordingly for your timing to arrive at the latest by the start day of your retreat. Most flights arrive in Joburg in the AM, or noon at the latest. If you are traveling from Europe, most major cities have direct flights to SA and will cost much less than the prices quoted from the USA.

I understand that there is a lot to consider and I am very happy to answer your questions. Tanitchkha and Rhoda are also available to answer any questions that you might have, and video calls via WhatsApp can be arranged if necessary.  You can contact me directly at [email protected]

I am so honored and so excited to be able to share this experience with 8 incredibly fortunate people. My experience in South Africa journeying through this cleanse is absolutely the most transformative experience of Awakening that I have had, even more profound than my close encounter which initiated my journey in a very big way. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to share this experience with you, and I know that we will all cherish this experience for the rest of our lives. The Healing and Awakening available to you through this retreat will radically transform your life and it is my honor to share it with you.






Jun 21 - 29 2019


5:00 pm - 10:00 am



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