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Matthew Ryan, a Seer and Energetic Healer from Taos, New Mexico, has developed a unique Energetic Healing Modality called Gamma Wave Healing. Gamma Wave Healing is a result of many years of personal journey work and countless activations that he has received. Matthew will visit Sedona, AZ to share this modality through his Gamma Wave Healing Level 1 Activation workshop.

One of Matthew’s most profound activations came in April of 2004 when he experienced a Close Encounter with a UFO. The DNA activation that Matthew received that day propelled him forward on his healing journey and directly led to the development of Gamma Wave Healing. Matthew has developed several techniques that will help you to access the Gamma State also, and these techniques have been brought forward in a series of progressive workshops.

Gamma Wave Healing Level 1 provides a thorough foundation for practicing Energetic Healing. You will learn several powerful, practical and repeatable techniques to facilitate self-healing and to assist others in their journey. Additionally, there will be several opportunities for energetic clearing and you will receive multiple Energetic Activations.

The workshop will be offered as a 2 Day Intensive. Dates and times are as follows:

Saturday November 3: 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday November 4: 10 am – 6 pm

During Gamma Wave Healing Level 1 you will learn the following techniques:

Checking-In: Learn how to consciously access a Gamma State. Your ability to access energetic information will be permanently increased and will be immediately available to you.

Muscle Testing: Muscle testing is based upon the natural energetic field of the human body. It can be an effective tool to corroborate the information that you receive while working. It is also highly effective in assisting you to make decisions and choices by testing whether or not something is in your Highest Good and Greatest Joy.

Body Scans: You will learn to scan a person’s Energy Field for Distortions. You may perceive this energy in many different ways. Once you have identified the Distortions, you will clear the distorted patterns that you encounter, sending them back to Source for Transmutation.

Reset and Clear Energetic Connective Chords: You will learn to identify, reset and clear Energetic Connective Chords that are imprinted with a negative frequency as a result of Relationships and Traumatic Experiences. You will learn how to identify Chords between people as well as connected to Past Lives. This is very valuable in situations like ending a relationship, closing a business or identifying how another person’s energy may be draining your energy.

Facilitate Channeled Readings: You will activate your Channel, allowing you to access very detailed information outside the scope of your ordinary consciousness. You will apply this technique with the use of Tarot / Angel Cards, bringing you detailed information like you never have received before. You will also contact Spiritual Guides (Angels, Star Beings, etc) bringing in specific information for the partner you practice with.

Matthew will lecture about and demonstrate each technique and its application and you will have an opportunity to practice the technique with a partner. You will leave the weekend proficient in each technique and immediately can put them to use in your life.

Gamma Wave Healing Level 1 is perfect for numerous types of practitioners. Massage Therapists or body workers can benefit by learning how to access information and energy about the fascial patterns running in the client’s body. Reiki practitioners and other Energetic Healers can add these activations to their toolbox. Therapists and other allopathic practitioners can benefit from the increased access. Ultimately, any person seeking to increase their energetic access and to accelerate their awakening process will benefit from Gamma Wave Healing.

Completion of Gamma Wave Healing Level 1 will enable you to proceed forward with Gamma Wave Healing Level 2.

Cost of the workshop is $300 USD. You can Pay in Full, or a deposit of $100 USD is required to reserve your space in the workshop. The remaining balance can be paid in Cash at the event or via Matthew’s website.

Reserve your space for the Workshop here

If you wish to pay the full amount in Cash, enter a Coupon Code of CASH at check-out.

Questions may be directed to Matthew via his email address: [email protected] We look forward to seeing you there!


Nov 03 - 04 2018


10:00 am - 6:00 pm



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