I am so happy to welcome you on an extraordinary journey to my home in Taos, New Mexico. The intention of this retreat is to gather together an amazing Soul Tribe to collective share in healing and activation. The retreat will be a journey of many beautiful awakenings and remembrances. Remembrances of whom you have been, whom you currently are, and whom you are meant to be in this life.

My Co-Hostess on this journey is Åsa Jonsson, an exceptionally gifted healer and seer from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Åsa is a wonderful guide for our journey because of her relationship with the Divine Feminine and the Gaia Sophia energies that are manifesting in our lives now. We will work together to facilitate an amazing experience for all who are called to join us in Taos.

The Taos Retreat is a 10 Day experience of a lifetime, based in and around Taos, New Mexico, a small but vibrant town in the southern Rocky Mountains. Taos is a place of rich and ancient traditions and cultures, and is one of the most energetically remarkable places in the world.

Every individual person whom has been guided to join us on this journey is being brought to New Mexico for a purpose, and I am so excited to share what I have learned in this land in order to help you to discover that reason.

This journey in and around Taos will involve many different locations, many different people, and many different energies. All of these different energies will weave together a beautiful tapestry of healing and awakening.

The first strands of this tapestry were stitched together with your decision to join this journey. They will continue to build their intricate pattern at the moment that you land in New Mexico, and they will progressively build as we make our way through several days of personal exploration and experiences in New Mexico.

Taos, New Mexico is one of the major energetic vortexes of North America. The people and places of this part of the USA are rich with high frequency energies. Journeying with the assistance of myself, my co-hostess Åsa, and the several other facilitators, you will be able to experience these high frequencies and experience a profound transformation of your Being, culminating at the end of the retreat with a very clear reflection of your Authentic Being to carry home with you.

Let's dive in and explore some of the places that we will visit during the retreat, and some of the experiences that we can expect to participate in.

Without further ado,

Welcome to New Mexico!

The United States is an enormous country, both geographically, and in population. There are 50 States and several territories within the United States. Each state within the Union is very different, having very different natural environments, and very distinct social and cultural differences. New Mexico is absolutely one of the more unique States within the United States. Let's become familiar with its location and characteristics before we speak of the specifics of the retreat.

New Mexico is located in the Southwest of the United States.  The Southwest is known to be the home of very dry deserts and beautiful mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains. It is also home to an ancient and rich culture of the Native Americans, the influx of the Spanish nearly 400 years ago, and more recently, artists, hippies, retirees and those seeking a more spiritual experience in living.


New Mexico is one of the largest states in the USA, but has one of the smallest populations. This translates into very few large cities, and literally millions of acres of untouched wilderness.  Our retreat will focus its attention into these wild and untouched places, helping to facilitate our journey inward as we stand in the silence of the land.

During your retreat, we will be based out of Taos, New Mexico, my home for the last 13 years.

Taos is a large town of about 7,000 people, but the larger “metropolitan” area is home to about 20,000 residents. Taos is very popular as a year-round tourist destination because of its natural beauty and cultural significance. Feel free to visit some local websites for a better understanding of the area:



There are many amazing and powerful areas of Taos that we will have exclusive access to during the retreat. Let's become familiar with them.

New Year's Day at Taos Pueblo by Matthew Ryan

New Year's Day at Taos Pueblo by Matthew Ryan

One of the cultural treasures of Taos is the Taos Pueblo. Taos Pueblo is one of the only Native American Reservations that was not relocated off of their ancestral lands by the US Government. The Tewa people of Taos Pueblo have inhabited the Taos Valley for thousands of years, making it one of the longest continually inhabited places in the world, especially in the Western Hemisphere. The photo above was taken from the main plaza, looking at the primary Pueblo structure. This building is the oldest apartment building in the Western Hemisphere. It is a multi-story, all adobe brick structure that has been continuously occupied for approximately 1000 years. This continuity of spiritual energy makes Taos Pueblo one of the truly powerful and mystical places in all of the United States. Our group will receive access and tours of the Taos Pueblo so that we can honor and experience their culture and to tune-into Native American culture in an authentic way.

Taos features many incredibly beautiful and powerful geological features. Taos sits at the foot of the Sangre de Cristos mountain range of the Rocky Mountains. Sangre de Cristos is Spanish for Blood of Christ, which these mountains were named for because of the incredible red color that washes the mountains almost every day at sunset, which you are sure to witness during your visit.

Taos Mountain Sunset by Geraint Smith     Geraintsmith.com

Taos Mountain Sunset by Geraint Smith     Geraintsmith.com

One of the other amazing natural features of the area is the Taos Gorge of the Rio Grande River. Over millions of years, the Rio Grande River (the largest river in New Mexico) has cut a path through the Taos Plateau, creating a gorge within the basalt rock layers. This gorge is very deep (250 meters in some places) and runs for many miles, providing irrigation water to farmers, life sustaining water for a high desert ecosystem, and incredible river rafting and outdoor activity opportunities throughout the year.

The energy of the Taos Gorge is intense, as the Gorge is just the visible aspect of this massive crack that plunges many miles deep into the earth below the surface of the river. The energy of the Gorge assists us in diving deep into the depths of our own energy. The many natural Hot Springs along the gorge also provide some fire energy to burn away that which does not serve us.

This inwardly plunging energy combines beautifully with the Sangre de Cristos, the highest mountains in New Mexico, to assist us to elevate our energy into the Light after we have explored the depths of the shadow.

Gorge Winter Light by Geraint Smith     Geraintsmith.com

Gorge Winter Light by Geraint Smith     Geraintsmith.com

One of the most important and powerful places that we will visit will be Chaco Canyon at the Chaco Culture National Historic Park.

The Chaco Culture were among the most amazing, and most mysterious, of the ancient dwellers of the American Southwest. Chaco Canyon is a magical and powerful place. The Chacoans were working with the stars, with strong connections in particular to Sirius. Though they mysteriously disappeared, maybe we will have a chance to meet them...

There will be several other excursions, involving deeply immersive personal work, as well as rest and relaxation.

We will journey to an ancient Medicine Wheel near a remote mountain community and there, connect with extraordinary energies, including a fire ceremony to release whatever needs to leave our field at that time.

A trip to a local crystal mine will allow us to get outside and get our hands a little dirty as we collect powerful crystal allies.  This will be a fun day of adventure as we walk through a former mining operation that has been donated to the University of New Mexico Geological Sciences Department. We will be able to collect a number of different crystals including Calcite, Quartz, Lepidolite, Apatite and possibly Beryls. http://epswww.unm.edu/harding-mine/

We will spend a day to rest and rejuvenate in the wonderful healing water of Ojo Caliente Hot Springs.  Ojo Caliente has a unique combination of powerful healing waters, bubbling to the surface from deep within the earth.  The waters will facilitate recovery from our previous work, and will rejuvenate us for the remainder of the journey.

Ojo Caliente Spa

The Cliffside Pools at Ojo Caliente

The Cliffside Pools at Ojo Caliente

There will be many other opportunities for growth, personal development, and especially, for reflection, during this amazing journey. Much of this will be achieved while on campus of our luxurious housing, the renowned Bed and Breakfast, Palacio de Marquesa Taos.


There are many amenities at the Palacio de Marquesa, including complimentary access to transportation and facilities of the El Monte Sagrado, the parent company of the Palacio de Marquesa


I am sure that we will all feel rejuvenated and fulfilled returning home to this property.

Our breakfast will be served at the Palacio de Marquesa, and other meals will be provided by a local organic caterer, specifically featuring New Mexico's rich culinary heritage, and providing us with nutritional and energetic support.

The cost of the 10 Day retreat is $2400 US Dollars. A $500 Deposit will secure your place among the small group participating in this journey.  When booking your space, enter a Coupon Code of TAOSDEPOSIT at checkout to only pay the $500 deposit.  The balance due must be paid by April 26.  Enter a Coupon Code of TAOSBALANCE in order to pay the remaining $1900, or CASHBALANCE if you plan to pay your balance in cash upon arrival.

Your investment in the retreat will cover all transportation, lodging (based on double occupancy) and food expenses upon your arrival in Albuquerque, New Mexico. All entrance fees and costs associated with facilitators will also be included.

Additional expenses not included are your airfare to and from Albuquerque, one dinner with the group at a local restaurant, gratuities for service providers, a Room Surcharge if you choose a single occupancy, and any additional shopping for souvenirs.

Åsa and I are very excited to facilitate your journey around Taos. There are many other opportunities that we will partake in around Taos, but we need to leave some things as surprises, don't we?

New Mexico is known as The Land of Enchantment and I am sure that you will discover many of the reasons why people fall in love with New Mexico as soon as they arrive. I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my beautiful and powerful home with you, and I look forward to your joining us very soon!

With much love and anticipation,

Åsa and Matthew