• Jens Juuls gade 6
  • Copenhagen Ø
  • Denmark

Matthew is returning to Scandinavia in November, journeying for the first time to Copenhagen, Denmark to share his Gamma Wave Healing Level 1 Workshop.

Gamma Wave Healing is the name of the unique energetic healing modality that Matthew has developed over the last 15 years. The techniques that he will share with you have been organically developed during that time frame.

Gamma Wave Healing Level 1 is a thorough introduction into Energetic Healing. You will learn several powerful, practical and repeatable techniques to facilitate self-healing and to assist others in their journey. The nature of the workshop also results in several energetic activations that will remain with you after the weekend. The workshop is best suited for experienced practitioners of healing modalities (Reiki, Massage, etc.) or various consciousness practices (Meditation, Qi Gong, etc.). If you have questions about your qualifications for the workshop, please feel free to contact Matthew.


The workshop will be offered as a 2 Day Intensive. Dates and times are as follows:





During Level 1 you will learn the following techniques:

Checking-In: Your ability to access energetic information will be permanently increased

Body Scans: You will learn to energetically scan a person's Energy Body for distortions and then clear the distorted patterns, sending them back to Source

Muscle Testing: Muscle testing can be an effective tool to corroborate the information that you receive while working

Identify and Clear Energetic Patterns: You will learn to identify and clear energetic patterns, like Implanted Belief Systems, then send these back to Source to be transmuted

Perform Channeled Readings: Gamma Wave Healing can activate your Channel, allowing you to tap into flows of very detailed information. You will first apply this technique with the use of Tarot / Angel Cards. You will also contact Spiritual Guides, bringing in information for your partner

We will also journey through Guided Meditations which serve as Energetic Activations. These Activations will be tailored to the specific group that is in attendance.


Cost of the workshop is $300 USD.


You can Pay in Full, or a Deposit of $100 USD is required to reserve your space in the workshop. Enter the Coupon code DEPOSIT to pay a $100 deposit.  If paying a deposit, the balance ($200 USD) must be paid by October 31.  Enter the Coupon Code "BALANCE" to pay the $200, or enter Coupon Code "CASHBALANCE" if you plan to pay the balance in cash at the workshop.


The class will be located at: Jens Juuls gade 6, Copenhagen Ø.


Space in the workshop is limited, so please act quickly to reserve your space. If you have any questions, contact Matthew at Matthew@GammaWaveHealing.com or use the Contact Form on this website.


For detailed questions in Danish, contact Betina Strange at Betinastrange@gmail.com.


The Level 1 Workshop is an opportunity to learn some very powerful and specific techniques that will help you along your path of Self-Healing and Awakening. Nearly all participants experience profound cathartic changes. These changes are a welcome shift of your energetic reality and can propel you forward.


I very much hope that you can join us and I look forward to sharing these incredibly powerful techniques with you.


Thank you and many Blessings,