• Teotihucan
  • Mexico

I am so honored and humbled to announce a special Soul Mission journey that I am taking to Teotihucan, Mexico in October.  I will be joining several Soul Sisters and their families at the ancient Toltec pyramid complex Teotihucan for several days of the 2017 Ollintlahuimeztli  Moon Dance.

The Moon Dance is a sacred gathering of women from around the world, coming together at Teotihuacan for 4 nights of prayer, song and dance under the light of the Full Moon.  This circle of women was gathered in 1992 in order to help bring healing and empowerment to the women of the world and to the world herself through ancient prayers and offerings of sound and dance.  The women dance, pray and sing all night for 4 nights, and they receive support from both men and women during this time, so that they can remain in a sacred place of intention throughout the Moon Dance.

I have been guided for several years to serve as a supporter, but had never pulled it all together to attend.  A year ago, while journeying on a soul mission to Peru, I was instructed to attend the 2017 Moon Dance to be in support of the specific women dancing, as well as to the Divine Feminine and Gaia Sophia.  Much of my professional and personal journey in self-healing has been in support of women, as the vast majority of my clients and workshop attendees have been women.  Much of the healing that I have received has related to the role of the Divine Masculine being in support of the Divine Feminine, and a journey to the Moon Dance was shown to me to take those lessons into a whole new realm of service and understanding.  Recently, a dear friend and Soul Sister requested that I support her dance by caring for her young daughters while she dances.  I am so honored and so excited to be able to be of service in this way.

Teotihucan was known as the Place Where Men Become Gods.  It was a thriving metropolis, inhabited by Men and Women of Knowledge.  These ancient beings were artisans, healers, scientists and magicians of the highest order.  They understood the nature of reality in a way that we have forgotten.  They were capable of incredible feats of Creation and Perception.  The layout of Teotihucan was intentionally designed in such a way that an aspirant journeying through the complex would be taken on a spiritual journey of healing and awakening, journeying through the Smoky Mirror of their unconscious patterns, resulting in the culmination of an activation of their consciousness while on top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

In honor of my journey to Teotihucan and the Moon Dance, all 1.5 hour Private Sessions booked between today and my return home on October 8 will be at a discounted rate of $88.88.  The number 8 to me has always symbolized Infinity.  It is the beginning and the end.  It is the perpetual cycle and flow of Life through all its stages.  It is the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, giving voice to the essence of Life that springs forward in manifestation in our world, only to transform and be reborn again.  It is this energy that I feel so strongly in my journey to support at the Moon Dance.

Additionally, I will be bringing with me several small but powerful Quartz Crystals.  These crystals will journey with me through the pyramid complex at Teotihucan.    I will move through through these sacred vortex sites and all crystals will be uploaded with the frequency of Teotihuacan.  Every person who books an appointment before my return home will receive one of these Teotihucan-attuned crystals as my gift of service to you so that you too might be able to access the inner transformation that Teotihucan can help to facilitate.

When booking your appointment online, enter a Coupon Code of MEXICO at check-out and you will receive the special pricing and be registered to receive your Teotihuacan crystal, which I will mail out upon my return.  If you are booking an in-person appointment and would prefer to pay with cash or check, enter CASH as your Coupon Code and you will likewise be registered.

I am very excited to embark on this very special journey of Love and Service, and I am looking forward to returning home to share the frequencies with you all.


Much Love,