Gamma Wave Healing Advanced Class is an exploration of advanced Energetic Practices and Energetic Activations through Guided Meditations. This class is intended to activate our DNA and to heal ancient trauma patterns, as well as to provide practical techniques and practices which we can incorporate into our daily lives.

The workshop will be offered as a 2 Day Intensive. Dates and times are as follows:

SATURDAY November 12: 10 AM - 5 PM
SUNDAY November 13: 10 AM - 5 PM

During the Advanced Class you will learn the following techniques and more:

Creating and Cleansing Sacred Space:  We will discuss theory and techniques to assist you in creating Sacred Space in your life, including the use of altars and smudging.

Advanced work with Metatron: We have already begun to work with Metatron and this work will further solidify your ability to access the Metatron Field.

Creating Energetic Grids: We will learn how to build and to maintain energetic grids around our home, work, car, body, etc.

Working with Crystals: You will learn how to access the information within crystals and how to use them to assist healing.

Explorations of Maldek: Our Solar System used to have another planet, a super-Earth called Maldek. Its destruction created a massive imbalance related to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We will explore Maldek's impacts in our time of huge transition.

Previous completion of Gamma Wave Healing Levels 1 - 3 is not required.  However, previous training or regular practice in Energy Healing(Reiki, etc.) or Meditative Practices is highly recommended in order to access the energy and the concepts.  If you have any questions about your qualifications for this class, please contact Matthew at

Cost of the workshop is $300 USD or the Swedish Kronor equivalent if you are paying cash at the event. You can Pay in Full, or a deposit of $100 USD is required to reserve your space in the workshop. Enter the Coupon code DEPOSIT for a $100 deposit.  If you plan to pay the balance in cash, you can enter CASHBALANCE as a Coupon Code.

Space in the workshop is limited, so please contact Matthew or Gunilla ( as soon as possible to reserve your space or if you have any questions.