Discernment Through Frequency: Part 2

In Part 1 of Discernment Through Frequency, we explored some situations in the world that are creating confusion for so many of us, and the solution that I offered was the employment of Energetic Discernment to assist us in navigating.

What is Energetic Discernment and how can we use it?

Energetic Discernment is a way of discerning, or telling the difference, between two or more things, situations or experiences. Energetic Discernment uses very subtle differences in Frequency to assist us in navigating towards our highest good and greatest joy in all situations. This is of utmost important now because of all of the Distortions that are being introduced into our societies in order to keep us polarized and controlled. Energetic Discernment is a way through all of the noise, leading us exactly where we are meant to be.

I shared that the easiest way to begin practicing Energetic Discernment is through the use of the Emotional Guidance System, or EGS.

Our emotional Guidance System is an energetic system that is built-into our Energetic Field, or Aura. It is closely connected to the 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus. Part of the Solar Plexus expresses itself through our Aura as a Disc of Light. This disc is capable of transmitting frequencies to us, providing Energetic Feedback as our energetic field moves through this world. These frequencies are extremely accurate and specific, and they are occurring all the time. Our job, when employing the EGS, is to “Tune-into” these frequencies, learn how to translate these frequencies, then to use this feedback to make more discerning choices in our life.

We ended Part 1 by asking what are some real world examples and how can we employ Energetic Discernment in our lives?

Using the Emotional Guidance System to inform our Energetic Discernment is a relatively easy process if we want to experience it. The first step in using the EGS is to acknowledge that it is real. This is a bit of a loaded statement in that you likely would not be reading this if you doubt that the human energy field is capable of providing emotional / energetic feedback. However, it is important to speak to this for a second.

Many of us are feeling called in this moment. Called to what? Maybe you are not clear about that, but you feel something deep within you nonetheless. Maybe you already are feeling called to explore a more spiritual expression within your life. Maybe you have already made a wholesale change and rearranged your life to match this calling.

Regardless of wherever you fall in that range, you are feeling something deeply within your Being that tells you that there is more to this world than what lies on the surface. Maybe you are experiencing this as increased Synchronicity in your life. As I literally was just typing this, I glanced at my clock and it read 1:08 pm. This is an immediate confirmation to me that what I am writing is true for me. Synchronicity can be an amazing form of corroboration from the Universe that we are moving in the appropriate direction. It is a small step to move from noticing Synchronicity to employing the Emotional Guidance System in your life.

The best way to begin to begin to use the EGS is to create an Energetic Tag that associates with a very positive emotion (frequency) and a tag that associates with a very negative emotion (frequency). The examples that we discussed in Part 1 were Love as the Positive Frequency / Emotion, and Dread as the Negative Frequency / Emotion.

Remembering an intense feeling of Love is easy to do. We can remember, and maybe even feel again, the energy of Love when we remember an experience of Love in our life. As we remember this Love that we have experienced, we can use our consciousness to place an Energetic Tag on the feeling associated with the memory. Our minds are Associative, meaning that they function through associating points of data, experiences, etc. When we apply a Positive Frequency Energetic Tag to a memory of Love, we will automatically begin associating this feeling and frequency with being Positive. Likewise, applying a Negative Frequency Energetic Tag to memories of Dread will associate Dread with being Negative.

From this point, we now have a baseline measurement to begin to use the EGS. As we pay attention to our Solar Plexus, we begin to notice the very very subtle, and sometimes rather obvious, differences in frequency that our energy body / aura is experiencing. We will notice the movement of our Solar Plexus in response to the energy of any situation. Most of the time, it may feel like it is in a neutral or resting state, with minor fluctuations upwards or downwards. However, you may encounter situations throughout your day where there is a rapid and noticeable movement of the Solar Plexus. It is this situation that really begins to imprint the presence of our EGS. This imprinting becomes especially strong when the presence of the energetic feedback is associated with a circumstance that stands out against the backdrop of your ordinary day. In other words, receiving a call about your child getting into trouble at school is more likely to create an imprint on your EGS than choosing a brand of peanut butter that makes you slightly happier than another brand.

Developing a wide spectrum of frequencies / emotions that we have energetically tagged is instrumental in the development of a highly functioning EGS. You will become more familiar with the major differences in frequency as you tag them on your spectrum, and then this will lead to differentiating between very subtle frequencies as well.

One of the very cool things about using the naturally occurring feedback systems of our energy body is that the more that we use them, the stronger they get. The more that we conscious use the EGS, the more that it transitions from being a Process that we use, to a Way of Being that automatically supports us in all situations. When something has become a Way of Being for us, it has become automatically assimilated into our daily living. It will not require conscious thought to activate the EGS once its pathway has been imprinted strongly enough.

Now that the EGS is imprinted and functioning for us, how do we use it in our day to day living and what are some real world examples to help us to understand the EGS' place in our world?

Identifying the baseline emotions / frequencies that we use for an Energetic Tag are easy. Typically, these are obvious emotions and easy to understand circumstances. What about more subtle frequencies? What about harder to read situations? A functioning EGS can lead you to discernment even in situations that very difficult to understand. It can help you to discern the presence of Truth or Dishonesty. It can help you to understand underlying meanings.

Here are some easy to understand circumstances where you can begin to practice using your Emotional Guidance System to practice Energetic Discernment.

You want to negotiate for a raise at your job. When you bring the information to your manager, they tell you that they will sit down with you. What are the feelings that immediately were produced when they told you about agreeing to the meeting? What was the result of the meeting? How does the initial feeling reconcile with the result of the meeting?

You go in to the dealership to buy a used car. You ask about the history of the vehicle and if it has been wrecked. The salesperson delivers the CarFax and tells you that a little old lady just traded it in on a new SUV. What is your initial feeling when the salesperson tells you about its history? Does it resonate as true? Does it feel like deception? If you buy the car, do any issues come up with the car that might have been indicated unconsciously by the salesperson?

You go to look at a commercial space for rent for your new business. When you ask if anyone else has made an offer on the space, you are told by the agent that there are several parties interested and that you should sign the lease quickly. Does this resonate as Truth?

What about more difficult to discern situation? There is one situation in our world that I consider to be the Master's Class on Energetic Discernment: Politics.

One of the best ways to employ your Emotional Guidance System and Energetic Discernment is by observing Politics. This is also, admittedly, one of the most difficult subjects to observe with your EGS because politicians are such skilled liars. At the Federal and State levels, they have had professional training in how to conduct interviews and press conferences. Therefore, most of what we observe from politicians is extremely scripted and polished. This is where our discernment MUST be employed if we want to understand what is happening behind the scenes. This is not meant to target any particular ideology, as all players from both of the major political parties attempt to enact their agenda as the core of their political operation. Once you EGS is fully operational, you can observe the political theater and receive immediate energetic feedback about what is being said. Whether you are watching the head of the DNC on Meet the Press, or President Trump's Press Secretary give press conferences, your energetic discernment will be put to the task.

The frequencies of their true intentions will be underneath their words, as the subconscious mind is always present with its objective observation of reality. The words that are spoken, no matter how eloquently (Bill Clinton and Barak Obama), or how poorly (George W. Bush and Donald Trump), will always contain the frequency of their true intention underneath.

This leads nicely into our final discussion: Can our Energetic Discernment be Distorted?

We are complex energetic beings and we have a huge range of emotional energy available for us to experience. Since the easiest way to begin using Energetic Discernment is by using the Emotional Guidance System, it would make sense that our emotions can positively or negatively affect out Discernment.

One of the primary distortions that we need to be on the lookout for is when we are in a “Triggered” state of being. What do I mean by Triggered? We can become triggered in many ways. We get triggered when we experience something that automatically / unconsciously initiates a trauma state within us, creating a negative spiral of emotions. We also can become triggered when we experience something that “triggers” an intense rush of emotion, especially emotions like anger, frustration, etc.

When we get triggered, the intense emotions often can be capable of distorting our EGS. These distortions can be Mistranslated as being authentic, integral guidance from our EGS. But instead, they may just be lenses clouding our discernment.

It is highly important that we recognize our triggers. If we find ourselves triggered, it is important to understand that our guidance may not be as accurate as when we are in a more balanced state.

Also, our discernment can be affected by other states of mind, like our desire for a particular outcome. Our own desires can create a “Bias” within our EGS that can skew our translation of the frequencies that we are experiencing. An example would be ignoring the feedback that we are receiving about a new love interest because we want them to be “the one,” and then we play out the relationship to an undesired ending.

Have you ever heard of Confirmation Bias? How about Cognitive Dissonance? Energies like these can very easily cloud our discernment because they can block our ability to be neutral in observing a situation. Lack of neutrality can produce a bias in our EGS, misdirecting us from the actual frequencies underlying a situation.

It can be very difficult for us to learn to use Energetic Discernment, primarily because of these other emotional patterns, like being Triggered or being in Cognitive Dissonance. As we commit to a path of more authentic living, we must also commit to objective observation of our own mind and emotional state. Mostly, we will be successful in this mindfulness. Occasionally, though, we might find our EGS leading us astray, which I personally experienced very recently.

Recently, one of my children was upset after school, and after a little talking, revealed that they had experienced a situation that could be considered bullying. After some more talking, a second identical experience was revealed last week. In this moment, I became triggered in my wanting to protect my child from this situation. There was also Confirmation Bias because the situation involved another child whom I have personally witnessed mistreat other children. The combination of the Triggered state and the Confirmation Bias formed a situation where my discernment missed some energetic details of my child not being totally honest about the way in which this situation had unfolded. The result of my discernment not being 100% accurate is a speed bump in my child's relationships with friends, as well as relationships between all of the parents involved. Though I was consciously attempting to remain neutral in the face of this situation, I still managed to cloud my discernment because of other emotional influences.

I share this real world example as a way to convey that it can be tricky to manage our lives right now with so many energies triggered within our collective field. I would argue that we are living in perhaps the most emotionally charged time of recent generations, and perhaps in all of modern history. We are experiencing a massive shift in consciousness as a result of planetary and galactic energies. Simultaneously, we are being absolutely bombarded with extremely sophisticated Psychotronic Warfare, intended to create distortions in our Consciousness and our Energy Fields. Because of all of these influences, it is becoming more important, with every passing day, to begin to use our energetic and spiritual tools to support us through this Great Shift.

I hope that this information has been helpful and if it has spurred any questions of comments, please feel free to let me know.


Thanks and be well,