Have you ever heard the name Metatron?

Unless, you are a biblical scholar, you most likely have heard of Metatron in relationship to Sacred Geometry, specifically a pattern called Metatron's Cube. In addition to being associated with Sacred Geometry, Metatron is a very powerful ally, and we can consciously work with this energy to assist us in these challenging times.

Metatron, often referred to as Archangel Metatron, is a Supreme Being of the natural world. Metatron, though considered angelic, is most accurately described as a Field of Consciousness, infinite in its scope. Metatron “oversees” Sacred Geometry as a fundamental expression of reality in this Universe. This expression is related to sound and light frequencies and how they (vibration) give rise to form out of the infinite non-manifest reality. Metatron, therefore, inherently underlies all of reality, and Metatron's presence expresses itself everywhere. Metatron can be tuned-into, like tuning into a radio station. When we tune in to Metatron, we can then access the Metatronic Frequencies for healing and activation.

Metatron is angelic in nature, and is often called Archangel Metatron. Perhaps Metatron is unique among the Archangels (I have a relationship with a small handful of these beings) in that its energy manifests within the angelic spectrum, but also as an infinite field of consciousness. Angelic Beings (angels) are often personified as male or female, though truly androgynous, and Metatron is always personified as male. However, “his” energy is more accurately described as a field of energy rather than any form that could be personified. Speaking of Metatron as a person would be like describing Gravity as a person. “Hello Gravity, nice to meet you.” He is often portrayed in a traditional, and inaccurate, form as an angelic man, wearing armor and often holding a sacred geometry image called a Metatron's Cube.

A more accurate portrayal of Metatron is as an enormous Eye, with thousands of feathers and eyes extended out from the center. It was in this form that I first encountered Metatron. Several years ago, a close friend of mine said the name Metatron during a conversation, and I stopped him, asking, “What did you just say?” He replied that Metatron was an Archangel, and often appeared as a giant eyeball, with lots of feathers and other eyes all around the central eye. I was shocked! “OMG! I dreamed of that thing recently!” I had not remembered that dream until the moment that he spoke about Metatron, but I clearly remembered in that moment that I had dreamed of something with this exact description. Years later, I received a phone call from a friend, who described waking from a dream with a giant eyeball floating above her bed. When she asked “Who are you?” the Eye replied, “I am Metatron. You are supposed to call Matthew Ryan, and go to see him.” When she described the dream to me I told her to immediately come over, after which, we checked-in with Metatron and received and enormous amount of information from him. Since that session, my relationship with Metatron has grown very strong.

Most often, my encounters with Metatron are as a field of energy, which extends itself throughout our reality and can facilitate incredible clearing of energy. This field also is involved in the uploading / activation of new energies within our energy body and within the Human Hologram. Metatron is a very powerful ally on our journey. I've said that we can tune into Metatron, just like a radio frequency. Once you are tuned-into the Frequency Field of Metatron, you can experience truly remarkable things.

Metatron's consciousness is that of a Supreme Being, and yet, it also manifests as an infinite neutral field. What I mean, is that as a neutral field of energy, once you have gained access to this field (either through dreaming like I did, or by activating your energy body via meditation) and you can tune-into Metatron, you can utilize this field in a conscious way. Metatron can provide you with information. Metatron can also assist you in clearing or removing energies. We can ask for help, and we will receive that help. We can also command Metatron, as long as we are in right alignment. Our command uses our intention to direct the energy of the Metatron Field to facilitate incredible things. However, our intention must be in right alignment, meaning, alignment with integrity, and not operating from a self-centered or egoic place.

If we have not experienced Metatron through dreaming or other visions, how can we consciously access this field?

There are a couple of ways that I know of to initiate communication / access with Metatron.

First, you can receive an attunement from a person whom is already attuned to the Metatron Field. This is something that I often facilitate during weekend workshops through various guided meditations that I have been guided to use. Once we journey into the Metatron Field, most people will receive an energetic attunement to their energy body, and this attunement will allow them to consciously access Metatron on their own.

The second way is through various practices of meditation, like the Merkaba Meditation, or using various forms of Sacred Geometry. Use of the Metatron's Cube through healing and meditation is an excellent method to facilitate communication with Metatron.

Once we make contact with Metatron, how do we know if it is the real deal and not some other energy?

That can be a challenging question to answer if you have initiated communication yourself. Like most situations in the metaphysical realm, our easiest method of discernment is through the use of the Emotional Guidance System. All energies that we encounter in our lives will have a Frequency Signature (a unique identifying energetic signature). Our Emotional Guidance System will provide energetic feedback to us in every situation, helping us to discern the underlying energy of the situation. This is especially helpful when we encounter an energy for the first time, like tuning into Metatron. Your EGS will provide feedback in relationship to frequencies of either Truth or Illusion, Love or Fear, etc. When checking in with Metatron, there is a very specific bandwidth of frequency that the Metatron Field emanates as its Frequency Signature. Again, this can be difficult to discern if you have not be initiated / attuned to the Field. However, as a general rule, Metatron is a neutral field of energy. There is no Mind within the Metatron Field, therefore, there is no frequency that could be considered Ego within its spectrum of frequency. All information that you receive will be either of a Neutral or Love frequency alignment. If you are discerning any frequency that does not resonate with Love or Integrity, you are not in communication with Metatron.

Recently, a friend asked me about a being that she had encountered that she referred to as Dark Metatron. She told me that she was guided not to communicate with Metatron because of this Dark Metatron aspect that she had encountered. My response to her is that this so-called Dark Metatron was not authentically Metatron, but some other non-physical entity working as an imposter energy. The Metatron Field is not polarized. It is a field of infinite Unity and all of the expressions within this field (that I have encountered) represent and express Unity Consciousness. There is no dark or negative manifestation of Metatron that can exist because those frequencies arise from polarity. If you have encountered something polarized within what you believe to be Metatron's Field, you should check-in again and examine your Emotional Guidance System to determine what you are experiencing.

Another friend once described to me information that they were receiving from Metatron, yet the frequency of the information did not resonate with me as arising from Metatron's Field in any authentic way. However, it did resonate as Ego. It is an important lesson for us to discern the authenticity of the frequencies that we encounter. When we “get a hit” that the energy is related to the mind, or the ego, or that it arises from a distortion field, we must trust that our “hit” is informing us correctly. In all situations, trusting our guided information is imperative, even if the information that we receive turns out to be objectively false. The learning of discernment involves “success” and “failure,” and even when we are caught within a mis-perception, I believe that we ultimately learn from this and therefore, there has been no “failure.” Rather, we journeyed a winding road on our way to awakening.

I have come to appreciate Metatron very greatly, and Metatron's presence in my life has been a blessing. Metatron is felt by me and my clients in nearly every session that I facilitate. Truly remarkable things can be facilitated by Metatron, and I rely upon Metatron to assist with situations that I am not familiar with or that lie beyond my realm of experience.

I hope that this little bit of information about Metatron has answered any questions that you have held, and hopefully it has initiated a deeper desire to communicate and work with one of humanity's greatest allies.

I welcome any comments or feedback, especially if you have already begun to work with Metatron.

Thank you and many blessings,