Discernment through Frequency: Part 1


Wow. We are living in extraordinary times right now, aren't we? Everywhere we look, things are changing. I imagine that as you look at your personal life now, you are seeing many things change. Maybe you have rearranged your most intimate relationship. Maybe certain friendships have shifted out of your life, and other friendships have come in. Perhaps you have finally left that job that had been slowly eating away at you. Maybe you've taken that leap of faith and gone in a direction that more clearly feeds your spirit. Some people have maybe finally quit smoking. Others have made important changes to their diet. Maybe you have experienced many of these situations. Maybe the intensity has been minor for some of you, and very intense for others.

These are just scenarios within our personal life. What if we take a look at the external world?

Wow... maybe it's best if we avoid that for a moment. ;-) I'm just kidding, but you get the point.

The world that we are living in is undergoing a radical and permanent shift at this very moment. On one level, we have hundreds of prophecies and other ancient teachings that talk about this exact moment that we are living in. As we familiarize ourselves with this information, it becomes easy to see connections between the ancient wisdom and our time now. What does that mean for us?

We also look around and see huge movement within our societies. Maybe some of us feel that this movement is abhorrent, and not reflective of the values that we as a society want to reflect to the world. Maybe, some of us finally feel that we have a voice and that we are no longer afraid to speak our minds exactly as we secretly want to. These examples are easily seen in the USA following the election of Donald Trump in the November 2016 US Elections. However, we can also look to many other places in the world and see similar energies manifesting throughout those societies.


We also can look around and see many things that are frightening in our world. War is still prevalent, despite the majority of humanity wanting to do away with it. Wide areas of the world are being torn apart, seemingly for the strategic or economic interests of very powerful nations and corporations. So many people feel hopeless to these situations. How are we supposed to change the war machine that is so big and so powerful? Can this world know Peace? Does it even want it?


This is not all doom and gloom though. Everywhere we look, if we are willing to get really present, we see amazing things unfolding in this world. We recently saw a massive shift in our collective and societal consciousness. This occurred at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. More than 300 indigenous nations from the US, Canada and the rest of the world united under a single banner of humanity for the express purpose of unifying in support of a basic human right to have access to clean water. This was the largest single gathering of nations that the world has ever seen. There were so many other energies expressing in this situation also. The right of a sovereign nation, within the USA, to have a voice in the management of its resources. The honoring of treaties that had been ratified and broken for more than a century. Centuries worth of neglect and empire forced upon the indigenous peoples of the world. The rights of a Human Being vs. a Corporation, and the governments that willingly abide the corporation over their own people.

Standing Rock was a line drawn in the sand, at first, by the Lakota people of the Standing Rock Reservation, then by the peoples of the rest of the world. This line said, “No more! You will not continue to risk the drinking water of millions of people for your oil $” Once the line was drawn, it was only strengthened as time went on and the violent actions of the government and pipeline company grew more egregious and were more exposed to the world. Perhaps most importantly, the thousands gathered there were met by at least 2000 US military veterans. These men and women stood in solidarity with the Water Protectors and said, “If you are going to harm them, you will need to harm us first.” This intense reflection resulted, either directly or indirectly, in the denial of the permit to allow the project to continue its construction. Though the recent victory at Standing Rock may not be permanent, it showed what humanity is capable of when we come together and we meet the negative energy in prayer. It showed that the people of the entire world are reclaiming their Sovereignty as an Inalienable Right.

This is a HUGE shift in the consciousness of our world. I feel that it is an indicator of more widespread energies that are manifesting positively in our world.


Often, we look to our media for information about the many negative situations in our world (we don't often look to the media to find the positive, since that isn't their agenda). When we look, however, we often find conflicting and polar opposite pieces of information. What does that mean? Can there really be two realities within a given situation? Isn't it one way or the other? How are we supposed to tell the difference between what is True and what is Distortion?


Right now, there is a massive effort underway in the United States to convince the population that there is a thing called “Fake News.” This Fake News is allegedly propaganda, most often originating from the USA's (alleged) enemies, Russia and China. This Fake News, so the story goes, is intended to implant false information into our mind and therefore, affect our society, most notably, on issues relating to the state of US Politics, and specifically related to the US Election. This assertion continues that propaganda and Fake News is distributed via independent media and websites, and as such, hundreds of websites and alternative news sources need to be black listed (they actually have been). This Fake News narrative has produced a real world situation where Google, Facebook, YouTube and others alter the amount of traffic and advertising they are driving through the black-listed websites, which financially jeopardizes the sites. The only sources of information that we are to trust are the so-called Main Stream Media (MSM). Anything that originates from outside of the MSM is potentially untrustworthy or blatant propaganda. Anything that is labeled Fake News may also be the dreaded “Conspiracy Theory.”

This entire situation of Fake News is a PsyOp, or Psychological Operation, orchestrated by intelligence agencies operating within the US Government.

But wait, how do I know that? If that's true, what are we supposed to trust? If we are not supposed to trust the alternative media, and we can't trust the MSM, what are we supposed to do?

There are several ways to guide ourselves through the distortions that are being introduced to us now, and one of the primary ones that I know well is through the use of Energetic Discernment.

Discernment is a term that speaks to a person's ability to discern, or tell the difference, between two or more things, situations or choices. Energetic Discernment builds upon regular discernment in that you apply an energetic component to your normal powers of discernment. In my case, I employ Energetic Discernment by tuning into Frequencies within my energetic field.


Every single one of us has an energetic field composed of many frequencies. Once you understand how to tune into these frequencies, you can use the different frequencies to guide you into appropriate decisions and resonant situations. This is what I mean by Energetic Discernment.


Perhaps the easiest way for people to begin to use Energetic Discernment is to observe the frequencies produced within the Emotional Guidance System.


The Emotional Guidance System (EGS) is an energetic system within our energetic field that is closely linked to our Solar Plexus. The EGS is an instantaneous Feedback System built into our energy field that provides real time information related to whatever situation or memory we find ourselves experiencing. It provides Feedback to us via the Solar Plexus. Our Solar Plexus is a complex energy center, located approximately above the belly button, and below the tip of the sternum. As a Chakra center, it is typically spherical and located inside of the body along the Pranic Tube, or in the Taoist system, the Chuang Channel. This energy center also expresses itself onto the surface of the body, as well as onto the surface of the Auric Field. It is this expression that is most closely tied into the Emotional Guidance System.

The Solar Plexus connects to the EGS through a disc of light that is located directly out in front of the Chakra on the surface of the Aura. This disc of light mostly moves vertically along an energetic pathway, moving between the approximate locations of the Root Chakra and the Crown Chakra, though most activity would reside between the Root and the Heart Chakras.

As this Solar Plexus Disc moves along the pathway, it produces distinct Frequencies, which are provided to our consciousness as Feedback related to whatever situation we find ourselves experiencing. Let's look at an example.

Remember the first time you fell in love, or maybe the feeling of looking into your lover's eyes. What is the feeling associated with this memory? Love produces a specific Bandwidth / Spectrum of Frequency, nearly all of which will be located within our Aura in the area around the Heart Chakra. When we remember that feeling of falling in love, maybe we remember the feeling of Butterflies expanding upwards through our body. Or maybe, we felt a warmth and a heat rise up our torso. Often, there are physiological associations with the movement of this energy: flushing of the skin, escalating heart rate and breathing. I would argue that the energetic response precedes the physical response.

What about a negative emotion or situation? Can you remember the feeling of Dread? Can you remember Fear and Anxiety? Dread is an easy one. Usually, when we experience Dread, the Solar Plexus Disc drops rapidly into the lower part of the Aura. Much like the feeling of a roller coaster, it is often accompanied by nausea, irregular breathing, sweating, etc.

Falling in Love and experiencing Dread are extreme and obvious energetic feelings, which is why they make excellent examples to illustrate the Emotional Guidance System. At these beginning stages, all that we need to remember are those two very different emotions and their associated feelings. However, every feeling or emotion that is possible to experience has a Uniquely Identifying Bandwidth, or Spectrum, of Frequency. Once we have learned to identify the frequency of any given emotion, we can use this frequency as a reference point within the Emotional Guidance System.

Establish within your awareness an Energetic Tag identifying the feeling Dread as a “Negative Frequency,” and another Energetic Tag identifying the feeling of Love as a “Positive Frequency.” These Energetic Tags are a reference point for you to determine the frequency of any given situation as either moving towards Positive or moving towards Negative. Clearly identifying the feeling associated with a Positive or Negative Memory develops the Energetic Tag. The tag is like a GPS system that we will use to navigate to the underlying frequencies (feelings) of the Positive and Negative experiences. Establishing an Energetic Tag, and then navigating towards it, is using the Emotional Guidance System to help us to apply Energetic Discernment. The EGS provides us with Frequency feedback in every situation, which we must discern as being Positive or Negative.

This is an easy concept to understand at this level, but what does a real world situation look like, and how can we use the Emotional Guidance System to help us to practice Energetic Discernment?

In Discernment through Frequency: Part 2, we will examine these questions, as well as take a look at how using the Emotional Guidance System helps us to develop our Energetic Discernment.

If this has triggered any thoughts, questions or comments, please feel to comment below and I look forward to discussing this topic more.