The first Crop Formation of the 2016 season has finally appeared in the UK.  It is a simple and yet elegant and powerful formation in a field of Canola Flowers (or as they say in Europe, Rape Oil Flowers).  The early season formations are almost always in the canola fields, but usually they begin in earnest in April and then stretch into May.

Photos of the formation can bee seen at the best site for viewing and analyzing Crop formations,

The formation appears as a simple formation of a Pentagon, with what appear to be spherical shapes at each corner of the Pentagon.  When we view formations, it is always important to keep in mind that these formations are not intended to be seen as 2-Dimensional representations, but rather, from a multi-dimensional perspective.  What I mean by this is that the formation often is intended to represent a multi-dimensional image or object.  In this case, my impression is that the Pentagon that we see is actually one side of a multi-dimensional form, namely a Dodecahedron.  We can see this through the Circle Makers' use of spheres at the corners instead of using angular corners, implying that there is at least a 3D geometry implied within the formation.

This then raises the question of what is a Dodecahedron?  The Dodecahedron is one of the Platonic Solids, names after the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.  Plato is given credit for the defining of certain sacred geometries, which we now call the Platonic Solids.  These geometries are defined by their form containing all sides to be of equal shape, containing equal angles between all sides, and as these sides relate to each other, that these angular and length relationships do not change.  Thus, the members of the Platonic Solids are the Sphere, Cube, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron and Merkaba, in increasing order of complexity.  The Dodecahedron consists of 12 sides, all equal pentagons.  This is a highly complex geometry, and as it related to energetic centers and arrangements, relates to a very high level of complexity and the activation of Human Consciousness.

Exploring Crop Formations may not be something that you are familiar with, so this is a good opportunity to give a little bit of background.

Crop Formations, also known as Crop Circles, are perhaps the most important phenomenon occurring in the world today. The most recent series of formations began in the UK in the late 1970's, and began to grow in frequency and complexity during the 1980's and 1990's, until it became the globally recognized phenomenon that it is today.

The formations most often occur within a few counties in the UK, (Witlshire, Devonshire, etc.), but in recent years, many more formations have begun to appear throughout Europe, primarily The Netherlands, Italy and Germany, and occasionally Sweden, the Czech Republic and even the USA.

The importance of the formations lies within the frequencies that are contained within the formations. The majority of authentic formations exhibit many qualities, all of which can be seen to work with and activate consciousness. Many of the traits include patterns of Sacred Geometry, astrological implications (often relevant to celestial alignments at the time of the formation), information pertaining to Human DNA, and even information related to the Star Beings.

There is also an important aspect of the Crop Formation phenomenon that relates to Metatron. Metatron is a Field of Consciousness, often referred to as Arch Angel Metatron, associated with the underlying Universal principle that relates to patterns of energy giving rise to form. Metatron absolutely is involved in the appearance of the Crop Formations.

Authentic vs. Doug and Dave

Much negative attention has been paid to crop formations over the last couple of decades, in large part due to Doug and Dave. After the emergence of the formations in the 1980's, the media of the world tried very hard to explain away the phenomenon as nothing more than naughty pranks. Two Englishmen obliged and laid claim to all of the formations that had been laid down in Wiltshire over the years. This was literally hundreds of formations that they claimed to have created. Doug and Dave became instantly famous and suddenly the media had their proper explanation for the formations that did not involve aliens or other mysterious origins. Unfortunately for the skeptics, Doug and Dave and their alleged antics explain nothing about the authentic formations that have been observed.

Man-made formations are easy to recognize, primarily because they almost always destroy the crop in the fields. Once people have moved through the formations with their boards and rope and whatever other implements, the crop is damaged and will very soon die. Also, there are invariably many sets of footprints in the often muddy or wet fields. One of the most obvious signs of fake formations is that the geometries that are attempted in the fields are almost never perfect, unlike the authentic formations. This lack of precision is mainly due to lack of practice (Where would they practice without drawing immediate attention?) and lack of precision in creating a perfect formation that is intended to be viewed from above. Nearly all of the fields in the UK are on landscapes that are uneven in elevation. Holding a rope and drawing what appears to be a perfect circle at ground level will look distorted from the air because the lay of the land is not flat.

Authentic formations are equally easy to recognize, but for very different reasons. Real formations often exhibit qualities that change the crop within the formation, but not outside the formation. This can even include the nutritional value of the crop being increased. Also, there are often changes within the magnetic fields around the formation, as well as the presence of microscopic particles of iron within the formation, but not outside of it. Many of the qualities of the authentic formations are harder to measure, but rather, must be felt. They always exhibit near perfection within their geometries and they often produce a positive feeling when viewed. Nearly all people whom enter into the formations describe euphoria and feeling better for having entered the formation.


The importance of the formations relative to my work is the understanding of their role in the activation of Human Consciousness. One of the primary purposes of the formations is to interact with Human Consciousness at a time when it is needed. Additionally, they can relate to the changing of Earth-based energies or the human impact upon an area, like releasing Geopathic stress. The formations appear to arise into being as a result of these needs through two mechanisms: Gaia brings them into manifestation, and Star Beings facilitate their creation.

The history of Crop Formations goes back at least many hundreds of years, if not thousands. They have been recorded in history as Faerie Circles, Devil Rings, etc. At various moments in our history, the Earth has used Crop Formations to upload information to us. These formations become manifest and appear in different places on Earth. The formations contain energetic codes that are then seen by humans and that are uploaded into the human holographic field. The current round of Crop Formations are doing exactly this. Our Mother Earth requires change within her Human Beings and we need to facilitate this shifting very quickly. The Star Beings have chosen to utilize this naturally occurring phenomenon to upload additional frequencies into the Earth plane. They are limited from directly interfering or affecting us in many ways, and the Crop Formations provide an easy access point into the Earth reality at this time.


An aspect of the Crop Formations that is not always apparent to the observer is that the formations exist in a multi-dimensional capacity. This means that there are many layers of information that are laid down into the fields and that often, the only readily apparent layers are those that are seen as the 2 dimensional image laid down in the crop. It requires a shift of perspective and imagination to see this differently. For example, perhaps the formation is an image of a Merkaba. We see this as a 2 dimensional image, representing a 3 dimensional image of a Merkaba through the use of shading and positive and negative space. However, the field of energy that created the formation was multi-dimensional in nature and when it was laid upon the field, this multi-dimensional field of energy was imprinted into the crop. Our imagination can therefore extract this multi-dimensional field of energy and extend it into the air above the field, as well as below the crop into the Earth. When we look with this perspective, many of the recent Crop Formations take on an entirely different meaning that they have been commonly interpreted.

An analogy to this is the echolocation of a Dolphin. When we hear a dolphin using echolocation, we hear a series of whistles and clicks. However, when we record their echolocation and play it back through acoustic devices, we can measure that there is a much larger spectrum of sound, but that the majority of it occurs outside of the range which humans can hear with their ears. In the case of an Orca (Killer Whale), this additional spectrum contains at least 25x the amount of information versus what we are capable of hearing with our ears. The Crop Formations contain frequencies that are perhaps too subtle for us to perceive as visual stimulation, and these subtle frequencies have a tremendous affect upon us and the activation of our DNA and our Consciousness.

I hope that this first formation of the the Crop Circle Season of 2016 inspires you to explore the phenomenon a little more.  If you would like to learn more about the phenomenon, I highly recommend checking out the fellows at and to check back in regularly on this site and on my Facebook page as I make updates about this season.

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