We are truly living in a remarkable time upon planet Earth. We are seeing for the first time in recorded history the union of science and spirituality into a cohesive world view. Throughout the recent several centuries,Western thought and science has dominated the consensus reality of the people of Earth. Many would argue that our science has been the epitome of human development on Earth, and yet we are seeing many cutting edge scientific discoveries that corroborate long held beliefs of spirituality and faith. Many of these beliefs and practices originate from China and India and can be traced back for many thousands of years.

I love to experience these junctions of thought and belief. I believe that they are critically important for us (especially in the West) to understand,because they illuminate that the nature of reality is very flexible and that we, as creators of our reality, also need to be flexible and to move with the energy where it will take us.

One of the areas of science and spirituality that is of key interest to me is DNA. Most of us know the very basics about DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid ). We know that it is a key component of life as we know it on Earth and that all life has DNA. We know that it contains instructions for how organisms develop, and what form the organism takes. Some may remember that DNA is a molecule, a very large molecule. Most people would recognize a model of DNA, thanks to the “discoverers” of DNA, Watson and Crick. It typically looks like a ladder,with many rungs stretching between the two sides, and that the ladder is twisted into a Double Helix,like a barbershop pole and its stripes. I often refer to this model as the 2 Strand DNA, the Primary DNA or the Physical DNA.

Some people may also remember that there is a thing called “Junk” DNA. In genetics, "junk DNA"or non-coding DNA describes components of an organism's DNA sequences that do not encode for protein sequences, meaning that they do not contain instructions for the development of the form of any organism. This Junk DNA accounts for anywhere from 95-98% of an organism's total DNA. If this were truly junk, it would seem an incredible waste of space and information, wouldn't it? This creates a bit of an uncomfortable situation for the Theory of Evolution,since it is understood that unnecessary and wasteful things tend to be selected and eradicated from Nature. Why then would all life have these enormous molecules in every cell, that are 95% waste?

Also, many students or practitioners of Metaphysics, spirituality and all things “New Age” may be familiar with the term 12 Strand DNA. It's hard to identify within our contemporary culture where or when the term 12 Strand DNA originated. However, it is currently held to be the potential for the Human Being on Earth that our DNA is evolving from a 2 Strand molecule into a crystalline 12 Strand molecule. This 12 strand DNA is the original form of Human DNA which was altered many aeons ago and is coming back “online” for us today.

Before we begin to explore the 12 Strand DNA, we should come to a better understanding of the miracle of our primary DNA and all of the “junk”bits within the molecule.


Research in the United States and western Europe has yielded amazing results and developments in our understanding of this molecule of life. However, as with much scientific research, it has also been relatively myopic, as the majority has focused on topics related to genetics and the chemical composition level of the DNA. I say that this is myopic because much of our research is driven by the pharmaceutical and medical industries. These industries tend to pour their money and research into narrow views that focus solely on chemical reactions and responses at the micro level and how these responses can be mobilized into a product to be sold or a service to be provided. This paradigm in healing has produced incredible benefits over the last century. However, it also has limited potential growth in our true understanding of medicine and science and this is easily seen with the example of DNA. The most cutting edge understanding of DNA cannot be found in the west, but rather in Russia.

During the summer of 2011, David Wilcock published an amazing collection of research titled “The Source Field Investigations.” This definitive work of scientific research has more than 1000 references over 20 chapters and a comprehensive index of the topics covered within its 500+ pages. It covers intriguing topics like DNA,consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan calendar, and much more. This is well worth the read and I consider it an essential reference piece for my library.

David uncovers a tremendous amount of DNA research that originated in Russia. Much of this research greatly differs from western thought because of the approach to the DNA, not just as a coder of genetic information, but as the primary carrier of information within our bodies and our Being. The research found amazing results.

They found that DNA can receive, emit and transduce light as well as other frequencies. They also found that DNA can be programmed by coherent light (like a Laser or Maser). They even found that “damaged” DNA, like in a diseased plant with tumors, can be reprogrammed by light frequencies in lasers, which then in turn heals the plant of its tumor. One researcher even went so far as to replicate this in lab rats. He took rats that had been injected with a toxin that killed the pancreas tissue, thus giving the rats Type I Diabetes, which eventually killed the rats within 4-6 days. He took a healthy pancreas from another rat, shined a laser through the healthy pancreas and into the diseased rats, and found that more than 90% of the sick rats ended up regrowing healthy pancreatic tissue and having a complete recovery within 12 days. He was even able to replicate this experiment via non-locality, meaning that he was 20 miles distant from the diseased rats and not connected to them physically in any way. This implies that the DNA of the rats was being affected at a quantum, non-local level. This experiment was repeated many times, by three different research groups in subsequent years. These proofs of programability and especially non-locality are exactly the quantum effects that DNA is capable of, not because of the coding sections, but because of the supposed “Junk” DNA. The libraries of information stored in the Junk sections are directly related to what we can call Quantum Instruction within the DNA and within the organism.

Russian researchers also have found that DNA is directly related to sound frequencies. Linguists were brought in to analyze the DNA code within the Human Genome and they found that DNA is not just a randomly organized grouping of primary amino acids, but rather that it is a language and it follows very regular grammar and syntax. This is a key finding because it proves that DNA can be reprogrammed via frequencies (sound or light) and then we combine that with an understanding of the language in which it operates. With this, we can develop a new DNA language in order to heal or to evolve any aspect of our physical Being on this Earth. This is where we tie back into the ancient teachings of this world.

The people of India have known for thousands of years that by chanting sacred Mantras and by visualizing sacred Yantras,we can elevate our consciousness and heal our Being. This Russian research into our DNA provides a scientific basis of understanding how these esoteric practices have efficacy in the Human Being. Perhaps chanting or singing a mantra in Sanskrit (an ancient sound /language directly related to the very fabric of reality) takes the sound frequencies of the mantra and uses them to reprogram our DNA?  Perhaps visualizing the Sri Yantra in meditation entrains our DNA into the same energetic field, which helps to evolve our consciousness? This, I believe, is exactly what is occurring. It also explains the efficacy of energetic healing that is experienced when I work with clients with Gamma Wave Healing: we dialogue with the DNA, using sound, light and language and are able to do magnificent things.

One important aspect of DNA is that it exists in several states at once. Science knows the DNA to be physical, with the two primary strands present in all living cells. We've seen that the Russia science has proven DNA to exhibit traits involving sound and light and even non-locality. The reason for this is that DNA also simultaneously exists Holographically.

We've all seen holograms of sailboats or race cars, sometimes floating three dimensionally in midair, or perhaps captured within a quartz crystal, or on special materials, like the holograms on a drivers license. These three dimensional images on two dimensional surfaces are often created by reflecting a laser off of a mirror, onto the object, then onto the film or other medium. By using the coherent light, the reflected image becomes a fractal image. A true hologram will be an image, whole and complete unto itself, yet as you zoom in on smaller and smaller pieces of the image, you see the whole and complete image again, and again, as a fractal. By this definition, our DNA (and therefore our body) is easily seen as a hologram. The whole and complete picture (our body) contains within its smallest constituent parts (our cells) the blueprint for the whole and complete image (our DNA).

Our mainstream science has not yet progressed to a state where we can measure the holographic DNA and its additional 10 strands. However, many esoteric traditions and practices can access the holographic 12 Strand DNA and actively work with it. We have seen for thousands of years the use of Mantra and Yantra to activate our DNA. We also know of many traditions of meditation and movement that can help increase our access to the DNA. Many different shamanic or indigenous traditions also work with the holographic DNA, through drumming, fasting and ingestion of power plant allies like Ayahuasca and Peyote. The knowledge of our DNA was widespread in the ancient world, as seen by images such as the Kundalini and its associated pathways, the Caduceus, and all other images of the Twinned Serpents rising. All of these images came thousands of years before Watson and Crick's “discovery” and they tell us that perhaps we are rediscovering an ancient knowledge at this time.

Exploring the 12 Strand DNA requires us to travel way back in time to the culture that academic scholars consider the birth of civilization. Yet, ironically, this very civilization may hold the key to understanding our true history and potential on Earth that dates back far beyond historical periods.

Scholars recognize ancient Sumer as the oldest recognizable civilization on Earth. They say that the Sumerians were birthed approximately 7300years ago, or 5300 BCE. Every day it seems, there are archaeological discoveries around the Earth that push back the date of human civilization, by many thousands of years in some cases, like submerged Dwarka in India, and Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, conservatively dated to 10,000 BCE. However, academia continues to hold the Sumerians as the first civilization.

The Sumerians were a highly sophisticated culture that sprang up rather rapidly. We know so much about this culture due to their leaving behind vast amounts of clay tablets, inscribed with, officially, the first written language, Cuneiform, invented around approximately 3500BCE. These clay tablets tell many stories about their lives and the lives of their rulers. There are many mundane aspects of a thriving culture. However, they also speak of highly advanced, other-worldly Beings, whom they considered to be gods, called the Anunnaki.

The Sumerian tablets tell of the Anunnaki as a group of Star Beings who came to Earth from their home world, Niburu, to bring humanity civilization.  According to the translations of Zechariah Sitchin, they were also in search of a precious resource that they needed to help to heal their planet: Gold. They arrived on Earth in the very distant past, approximately 400,000 years ago. They found the Earth populated by early humanity,though not proto-humans like neanderthals, but rather contemporary humans whom we would basically recognize as ourselves. The Anunnaki were vastly technologically superior to the humans and after several years of toiling at the gold mining themselves, they took a sample of humans and then genetically altered these humans to become slaves. The Anunnaki would utilize these newly created slaves to mine the gold. The genetic alteration made the humans susceptible to being organized and commanded, it limited their inherent cognitive and spiritual abilities, and it kept them in their place for aeons. They also took certain individual humans and added certain genetic traits that the Anunnaki themselves possessed, making the humans, in part, their offspring. In Genesis of the Bible, these beings were called the Nephilim. The Nephilim became a ruling class of humanity and are reported to have had extraordinary abilities and were considered giants among the rest of humanity. This entire practice continued for many thousands of years, with various rises and falls of intensity and civilization, eventually ending at the time of The Great Flood or Deluge, which some researchers put at some point between 11,500 and 9,500 BCE. Following the devastation of the Flood, the Anunnaki physically left the Earth space and left a decimated Humanity to recover on their own, under the guidance of the surviving Nephilim.

Accepting what appears to be outrageous dates for the start of humanity is very hard to do for academia. However, there has been paradigm shifting research done in recent years by Michael Tellinger and others into the origins of humanity and our ancient ancestry from the Anunnaki. Michael and his team have uncovered evidence of this Anunnaki led civilization in South Africa and the sites have been dated to a range of between 50,000 and 400,000 BCE, fitting nicely with the time line of the Sumerian tablets. Most importantly, he has found evidence that this massive, sprawling civilization had a very high level of understanding of sound, light, frequency and advanced energy systems. He also discovered synchronicity with the Zulu people through conversations with one of their spiritual leaders, Baba Credo Mutwa. Mutwa divulged to Michael that in the Zulu creation myths, they were created by Star Beings. This creation occurred at a South African megalithic site Michael has called Adam's Calendar. According to Credo Mutwa, the Star Beings used light and sound to alter the DNA of humanity, creating the template for modern humans that we see today on Earth.

I feel that it is important to contemplate this ancient history because it relates to our authentic nature as a human being, as well as to the changes that humanity is experiencing now. The evidence of the Sumerian Tablets and the physical evidence that Michael and others have uncovered has corroborated for me information that I have received through past life regressions and through hundreds of healing / reading sessions with clients over the past several years.

The original Human Being as we know ourselves was created on this planet as a continuing experiment in consciousness. DNA is a universal component of life and therefore is present and necessary throughout all life in this Universe. There were several races of very advanced Beings who contributed to this process, contributing elements of their own DNA. The humanoid form is one of the most versatile forms for advanced life in the universe and was well suited to the physical environment of the Earth at the time of creation. This original Human Being was created with a DNA structure that had12 Strands. These 12 Strands functioned together to give form to a Being that was very adept within its physical environment and was closely connected to each other and the universe in general. Though they were not technologically advanced at this beginning stage, they were very advanced spiritually and had a great understanding of the nature of reality, dreaming it into being constantly and consciously.

This state of being continued for aeons, with waxing and waning levels of advanced material and spiritual technology, until the beings whom the Sumerians called the Anunnaki arrived. These god-like beings possessed a very high understanding of DNA and therefore were able to manipulate the human DNA in such a way as to limit Humanity's ability to resist.

They identified the 2 primary strands of DNA responsible for the genetic coding of the form and for basic cognitive abilities. They isolated these two strands from the remaining 10 strands. All of the strands of our DNA are linked via energetic connections that I call Light Bridges. These light bridges are literally that: bridges composed of light that run in between all 12 strands, forming an inconceivably intricate lattice of light and facilitating communication between the strands. Our geneticists see and understand these light bridges at a physical / chemical level and partially portray them as the rungs of the DNA ladder. The Anunnaki understood the nature of these light bridges and were able to make changes to the DNA code so as to isolate the 2 primary strands from the remaining 10 strands and impede their ability to share light and information between all strands. They also isolated aspects of the non coding DNA, which resulted in the “junk” DNA seemingly having no chemical or physical function. Often, this isolation was achieved via etheric, energetic implants that create a discordant, artificial frequency within the holographic DNA. These implants are called Frequency Markers.  The nature of the DNA is such that frequency patterns, once imprinted, will remain on the DNA and will be inherited by all subsequent generations until that pattern is cleared. Whether or not the patterns are active and manifested during any given lifetime depends upon many factors. However, the primary adjustments made to the human DNA by these ancient Star Beings has carried down to us through the ages.

A key fact about the DNA is that despite the extremely advanced manipulations made to the DNA, the Anunnaki were not able to completely eradicate the inherent, authentic 12 Strand DNA patterns. These patterns, inspired by Prime Creator (God), were imbued within our Being by the original Star Beings who came to Earth aeons ago and contributed their genetic makeup. This original blueprint remains as a holographic reality within our DNA and can be accessed holographically and brought back “online.” This is a major component of The Shift that so many people are experiencing on Earth today. This reactivation is occurring via Sunlight and other energetic processes.

We've seen that DNA can be affected by frequencies like light. Light is playing a very important role for us in the continued evolution of our consciousness, and therefore also, in our DNA.

This is truly a profound moment, as perhaps never before in history has an opportunity arisen for a civilization to make a sudden and rapid leap vibrationally like we are experiencing now.

Several impulses of light and energy have emanated from the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy (our galaxy), moving in all directions. These emanations have moved through our solar system, moving like waves through our local system and washing over and through every celestial body including Earth. These impulses do many things and affect reality in many ways, but chief among them, as related to this discussion, is their affect upon DNA.


The light and energy from the Great Central Sun contains a new set of instructions for the evolution of life and consciousness. When an organism absorbs light, the light begins to resonate with the DNA of the organism. In the case of newly encoded light, like what is reaching us now, this light can entrain our DNA. This means that our DNA will come into resonance with the new pattern and that it will begin to vibrate in the same way as the light pattern. Since DNA is holographic, a newly uploaded pattern will result in the DNA vibrating in a new way. This results in altering the DNA and the energetic forms that the DNA gives rise to. This is exactly what is happening now. These impulses have been coming in sets, like sets of waves on the ocean. This current primary set of waves began initially with a subset of waves in the 1950's and then 1960's,initiating many changes with our world and our consciousness. Another subset arrived in the 1980's, centered around the Harmonic Convergence, which initiated a great movement forward in consciousness within the western world. Recently, there have been many sub-sets of waves centered around 2012 / 2013 and still continuing today. During these periods of time, we have also seen the rise of Crop Formations in fields of grain, which has been created in part due to the wave of incoming energy. Many of these formations contain imagery that directly related to DNA and its activation in life at this time. We are living in the time that the prophecies and wisdom keepers have spoken of, and a primary reason why it is so important is because of the infusion of Light from the Great Central Sun.

The GCS is more than 10,000 Light Years distant from us. This is an extreme distance. However, the Light reaching us now did not leave the GCS 10,000 years ago. Rather, it emanates exactly when it is necessary. Science has very recently shown that Sound Frequencies are capable of traveling faster than the speed of light. Energy is not required to travel through physical space, but rather it can manifest via intention, and this is what we are seeing. These impulses are necessary for Creation at this time, and therefore, they emanate out and reach us as appropriate.

Bringing science back into the discussion, we can see evidence of these changes within our DNA. First, scientists have measured that the wavelength of the Sunlight that our Sun emanates to us has changed over recent years.

Also, several years ago, there were reports of children being born into our world with 3 physical strands of DNA. Now, there are reports from around the world with 4 Strand children being born! Scientific estimates are that there could be 1 million of these 4 Strand children on Earth at this time. Many people are colloquially noting the changes that babies and young children are exhibiting today. This process is only going to continue as the Earth gives rise to Beings whom she needs to bring life back into balance. Our medical and psychological professions will continue to come to a better understanding that many of our children are not ill or imbalanced, but that they are extra ordinary and that we need a new paradigm of understanding to see their brilliance.

In recent years, we have seen a change in solar activity, with many X Class and M Class Solar Flares. Though there is a phenomenon called the Earth Facing Quiet Effect, astronomers have believed that the solar maximum would bring us many intensities.  Scientists estimate that the magnetic field of the Sun is about the reverse or flip. These are indicators of the energetic changes moving through our solar system and through us. All of these energies affect our DNA and its evolution. What is occurring to us is that the changes in the light reaching Earth are initiating activations and clearing within our DNA. When I work with clients, I am often guided into their DNA, and when there, I see many amazing things happening. Even a few years ago, I was seeing primarily the 2 Strands of DNA active, and the light bridges connecting the 2 primary strands to the additional 10 strands were almost always blocked or inactive in some way. We were often guided to move throughout the holographic DNA and facilitate clearing of the patterns which were blocking access to the 12 Strand hologram.

Today, I am seeing many more people whose DNA is holographically activated into the 12 Strand pattern and who have much more communication occurring between the 12 Strands. Mostly, I see the 12 Strand pattern as a 12 stranded helix, like a May Pole or a really large Barber Shop Pole. The helices are twisted around each other and spinning, creating an energetic field around the DNA (a Torus Field) that gives rise to the manifested form of the person. When I work within the DNA, I often see the 12 strands unwind, so that it appears like I am standing within a ring of 12 trees, all connected via an infinite number of light bridges, like threads of light between all of the strands. Occasionally, I work with a client whose natural energetic pattern of DNA has evolved into a new pattern, a more crystalline pattern. Instead of looking like a 12 Strand “May Pole,” it resembles an arrangement of 6 strands into a hexagon,with another hexagon superimposed above it. There are other patterns that I am seeing that are more rare, but regardless of the pattern, I am told that almost all of Humanity at this time has their 12 Strand DNA activated holographically. This means that energetically, there is an increased access that we now have to recover our Authentic Being in full manifestation. This does not mean that all of Humanity has fully activated DNA. I see many distortions remaining within the 12 Strand pattern. These distortions are being rapidly cleared by the infusion of Light. Clearing and activation is also being facilitated by certain people like me who can access these patterns energetically, as well as via the many esoteric practices that are becoming available within our world now. It's as if the Wisdom Schools and Wisdom Keepers of the world have been moved into working with a broader scope of people, and many of these people are in turn receiving healing and activation of their DNA. It is exactly as the prophecies and legends have told us.


There are also many people whom I work with that may self-identify as Light Workers. Many of these people have VERY interesting DNA. They exhibit patterns within their DNA that have moved beyond the 12 Strand DNA pattern and have moved into something completely new. I am told that as Humanity continues upon its destined path of Awakening / Ascension, that we will begin to embody entirely new vibrational patterns within our DNA and therefore our Being. These new patterns are commensurate with movement into new octaves of vibratory fields and this movement heralds a momentous moment for Humanity and Planet Earth.

Isn't it exciting?

There is nothing that is required of us now, except to follow the guidance of our Inner Truth. That Truth will lead us forward to exactly where we need to be. We are being led into exactly the circumstances necessary for our most appropriate growth and evolution. For some,that looks like recovering their Inner Child. For others, perhaps letting go of old wounds that weigh them down. Some may feel called to radically transform their life and they suddenly remember who they are and why there are here today. Others may begin having transcendental experiences that redefine reality as they have known it. However these changes have been manifesting or will manifest, is not as important as recognizing that they are manifesting. It takes a great deal of courage to walk into the unknown. Yet, when I have taken that step into the unknown of this process of self discovery, I have found it exhilarating. I feel most alive when I am consciously walking my path and it brings me so much joy to share the insights that I have gained and the healing that has been facilitated through me.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. This is a very interesting topic and one that comes up frequently during Gamma Wave Healing sessions and I love discussing it. Thanks for reading and heave a beautiful day.