Alex Grey

Alex Grey

Since being back from Contact in the Desert, I've had many insights and many activations. The one that continues to rise to the forefront of my awareness is that I absolutely believe that we are living in a 5D reality right now.

What does this mean?

For many years there has been a collective focus within the esoteric/awakening/truth/metaphysical communities on the so-called "Ascension." This topic of Ascension has been the primary focus for so many. There are probably as many definitions of it as there are people participating in its realization.

How do I see this?

I have always seen the topic of Ascension as a vibrational shift within the baseline state of our consciousness. Ascension assumes that the baseline state of consciousness Is moving upwards, or in reference to vibrational densities, moving into a higher density or more highly energized state.

This presents a bit of a conundrum for our mind because how can we understand that we have moved into a higher state of awareness if our baseline state of awareness is lower than Ascension? How could we possibly recognize that we have actually shifted into a different place than our consciousness' normal place of operation? How can I make the statement that the shift has actually occurred globally right now?

I find that there are so many different ways to quantify this experience. One way that we are all familiar with is the situation that we term Synchronicity.

In the several weeks leading up to the conference, throughout my several days there, and then the time following my return home, there has been an extraordinary amount of synchronicity moving through my life. The synchronicity has manifested in many different ways. Most obviously, it has manifest through the connection of like-minded and like spirited beings who have crossed into my life. The intensity and familiarity of these connections goes beyond any rational or normal acceptance of doubt. I have absolutely given myself over to allowing my life to be directed, in large part, by these energies at this time. And every time that I trust the synchronous arrangements, amazing things are unfolding. In many ways it feels like magic has truly returned to my life.

I feel deeply within my being that this is the normal state of being of a human being on earth right now. We are all supposed to be connecting through these synchronous arrangements. We are supposed to be trusting in the flow of energy to bring to us exactly that which we need to see, exactly who we need to connect with. Stepping into a place of allowing, trusting in the divine arrangement of the flow of energy.

This does not mean forgoing our Free Will. Rather, allowing the flow of energy to present to us circumstances and choices which we then make Free Will choices about, related directly to our feelings of highest guidance and highest Truth.

Recently, I've had several conversations with people close to me, all of whom I know are walking their spiritual path. These people may find themselves at different points along the path, but they all are authentically moving forward in their highest calling. All of us have agreed that something feels as if it has shifted very recently. There seems to be a different quality of energy that we are all swimming in. Many amazing connections are being made and opportunities are opening up. Synchronicity is extremely present within all of our lives.

I see these observations from my friends as being corroboration of my own beliefs. I firmly believe that we have stepped into that state of consciousness that we have identified as the Ascension. The majority of our consciousness and our Being is existing in a relatively higher state of consciousness at this time. The reason why this is not widely understood is that our mind is still self-referencing into a lower density state of existence. This is totally understandable.

For almost all of our entire life, the experiences that we have had, and the baseline vibrational state of our consciousness, has been rooted within the 3-D/4D world. Our mind is associative, meaning that it interprets reality through association. Most often we associate with our past, and then our mind projects forward into our future, drawing conclusions about an unknown future based on our prior experience. If we are walking forward into an unknown reality, our mind will be referencing our past experience and extrapolating our future based on that 3D/4D experience. We truly have no frame of reference for what we are experiencing right now.

With no frame of reference, how are we supposed to navigate? This is where all of these other anomalous situations like synchronicity factor in.

We can look at our lives, and look at the circumstances of our life, and pay attention to where the synchronicity is occurring right now. These moments are pure indicators of the energy operating in our life in a different way than we are used to. To me, this is an indicator of a different vibrational state of existence.

I know it within my Being. I also know that this is almost impossible to prove to the logical mind. I've come to understand, however, that we are to be guided by our hearts. We are to be guided by synchronicity. We are to be guided by a higher frequency of information and feeling that moves through our life. When we place ourselves into a position of trust with this frequency, everything seems to be changing. Once we begin trusting this synchronicity in earnest, the data points lineup to prove to our logical mind that something is different now than it has always been.

And to me, this is the initial point of information for us to pay attention to that clearly indicates that we are existing in a higher density state of existence at this time. Can you give yourself permission to trust in this flow of information and energy? What happens when you give over control to the synchronicity?

I would love to hear about your experiences, especially as they relate to the last 2 to 3 weeks of time. Have you been noticing an increase in synchronicity? Have you been feeling a higher state of consciousness? Do the distortions of our world feel like cultivated fear-based contraptions, intended to trap our consciousness?

May we all trust the guidance of our heart. May we all allow the flow of energy to bring Grace and synchronicity into our lives.

Much love,