It has been about two months since I attended Contact in the Desert at Joshua Tree, California. Contact in the Desert is one of the largest UFO-themed conferences in the world, covering topics ranging from Ancient Aliens, to Whistle-blowers, to Ancient Civilizations. ( I had wanted to attend for several years, but did not attend for the first time until 2016. Last year, I attended in large part because I won tickets through a ticket giveaway by celebrated author and researcher, Robert Bauval. I'm so happy that I made the effort to go! I returned this year, wanting to further cultivate relationships within the community that I made last year and to share in the new information that is brought forward every year. This year's conference, like last year, did not disappoint! I made several amazing new connections and got to reconnect with several friends from last year's conference. The energy throughout the conference was amazing and nearly all people whom I encountered were unified in their positivity and desire to bring forward Disclosure now.

I felt an incredible shift in my energy field and in my awareness following the conference and felt that I was riding a wave of energy for several weeks afterwards. I definitely felt that I had received an energetic activation while in attendance.


Upon returning home to Taos, New Mexico, I saw multiple UFOs in the night sky, every night for seven days. Many of these were witnessed by other people; sometimes my kids, sometimes my kids and other adults. This concentration of sightings was out of the ordinary, but not surprising to me at all. In recent years, it has been very common for me to be outside at night and to look into the sky, searching for UFOs, and then eventually to see one.


Many people responded to my Facebook posts about Contact and about these sightings. Many others approached me about their own sighting experiences. Many people brought forward questions about these sightings. Included among these questions was one of the most common questions that I receive related to the UFO phenomenon: Why I am seeing these phenomenon, but they are not?


It's impossible to say definitively why someone has an experience and another does not. However, there are a few topics that I can speak to which perhaps offer an explanation as to how I have so many sightings.


There are four topics that come to mind now that relate to my frequency of seeing UFOs in the night sky (I say night sky because every sighting that I have ever had, except one, have occurred at night). The first topic is rather straight forward, while the other three are a little more esoteric.


Topic 1: UFOs Appear in the Sky


So, you want to see a UFO? Well, first things first... You need to go outside and actually look up at the sky!

This is over simplified, yet its extremely important. Recently, I was speaking with friend Bruce about how few people are reading physical books now. My friend lived in NYC at the same time that I did, between 2000 and 2003, though we did not know each other then. He and his wife shared stories with me about reading books as a part of daily life in the City. We all shared about reading while on the subway or bus, and his wife even spoke of reading while walking on the streets, which I must admit, I did on more than a few occasions. Bruce was recently back in the City on business and he said that the attention of nearly all people was glued into their phone or tablet. When I first moved to NYC in 2000, the Palm Pilot was a big thing (remember those?). On every train, you might see a few people staring into their Palm Pilot, ostensibly doing something fabulously important. I always found it rather off-putting.

Now, times have surely changed. We are living in a world where my children were born into a reality of Androids and iPhones, and the Nokia slider phones that looked so cool in The Matrix now feel to me like black and white TVs with aluminum foil wrapped around the antenna.

One of the biggest side effects of the explosion of technology over the last 15-20 years has been the focusing of our attention into these little digital displays. I have a sense that this focusing is resulting in many situations that could be detrimental to our society, all of which are related to the disconnection of our awareness from the natural world.


I understand that many of you reading this could counter that statement by saying that you strive to reconnect with nature, that you take hikes, that you go camping. However, for the average American, their attention is focused “down” in a way that humanity has perhaps never experienced before. Combine this situation with the increasing concentrations of our population living in urban environments, and we have an enormous number of humans who are not looking up into the sky, and if they do, the light and air pollution prevents them from seeing most of the stars, let alone anomalies flying around in the sky.

So, although it is rather obvious, it is also rather imperative that if you want to see UFOs, you need to make an effort to look up into the sky. Admittedly, this is a difficult proposition if you live in a city like LA, NYC, Chicago or Houston. I remember reading once that the USA has more than 30 cities with metro populations exceeding 1 million people. These areas have a huge amount of night time light pollution, even with Dark Sky initiatives. Only the brightest stars, and therefore brightest objects, are typically visible on a clear night. For those of you in a city setting, I recommend trying your nightly observations around the New Moon so as to minimize additional light in the sky. Living in cities is not going to prevent sightings though, as many thousands of people per year report sightings from within cities.


For those who live in rural areas, you are blessed with little light pollution and a much better chance to resolve faint lights in the sky, like satellites and UFOs.


Northern New Mexico, where I live, is a sky watcher's paradise. High elevation and low ambient light make for stunning skies, especially on a New Moon. I'm certain that the clear skies result in many UFOs being observed that our neighbors down south in Albuquerque would never see.


Topic 2: Personal Connections


One aspect of the UFO phenomenon that is so intriguing to me is the personal nature of the experiences and sightings for many people.

I was born in 1976, and so from the very beginning I came into a world where Star Trek already existed, and less than 1 year later, Star Wars became a global phenomenon. Soon after followed BattleStar Galactica, Buck Rogers, and many other popular films and TV programs. Our consensus reality seemed primed to accept the reality of beings from other worlds existing, and even visiting us. In 1977, Close Encounters of the Third Kind blew open the reality for many people and was a hugely successful movie for Steven Spielberg. Then, he brought us E.T. Millions of children and adults alike fell in love with this friendly little Star Being. We went to the drive-in and we cheered and we cried, and we cheered again as he was returned to his people at the end of the movie.

We also heard of stories like Whitley Streiber's Communion, or of Fire in the Sky. Cattle mutilations and the stories of abductees, though strange and frightening, became mainstream.

Through all of this, I never had any fear of ETs. I never worried that we were going to be conquered or invaded. I was much more likely to see myself in Flight of the Navigator or as The Last Starfighter, and I knew within my Being that if only I had a chance to play that video game, I too would be selected to go into space and fly awesome spacecraft.

I now understand how these personal connections have become important to our ability to connect with the Star Beings. A few years ago, I came across a researcher from Australia named Mary Rodwell. Mary is a therapist who began noticing a pattern among her clients. Many of her clients were relating experiences that formed a picture of Contact Experiences of a predominantly benevolent nature, and that these experiences were with advanced beings who were working with children to help the ascension of human consciousness. Mary details these experiences in her documentary and book, The New Humans.

When I watched The New Humans for the first time, I was struck with a strong resonance deep within my Being. I could relate to many of these people's experiences, though I had not consciously associated memories with all of the experiences that they shared. The documentary gave me some material for exploration and as I sat with it, I came to understand that I had many similar experiences in my childhood which had been repressed within my memory. I feel that many of us here, especially those who identify as Light Workers or Star Seeds, have had similar experiences that Mary reports.

Perhaps, like many of Mary's clients, you have clear memory of a Close Encounter experience. In April of 2004, I too had a Close Encounter. I was hiking alone in the mountains near my home in Taos, when very suddenly, out of a partly cloudy blue sky, a space craft rapidly descended from the sky and came to hover above the tree tops, directly above me (this is the only time that I remember seeing a UFO during daylight). It hovered for about 30 seconds, bathing me in pulses or waves of the lowest frequency sound that I have ever been exposed to. I discovered several years later via regression that they also were broadcasting a very high frequency to me, which interacted with my energy body and DNA, activating both. This experience has definitely shaped my life path, and it has solidified my ability to connect with the Star Beings in many ways. (feel free to check out my bio for more information on this experience)

I mention all of these situations as the second topic because I feel that many of us (perhaps many more than we assume) have had a direct personal connection with the Star Beings at some point in our lives. Maybe they showed up to us as “invisible friends.” Maybe they were friendly guides in our Lucid Dreaming. Perhaps you have had experiences with beings whom you identify as Angels, but were authentically of a more celestial origin. Maybe you have direct memory of being taken on board craft with other children and taught esoteric subjects like advanced physics, while developing psychic abilities. Maybe, like me, you have had a Close Encounter experience.

Regardless of the details, I feel that the prevalence of these experiences in our societies has primed the pump, so to speak, for us to facilitate communication with and experiencing of Star Beings. Does this mean that our culture, with all of its Sci-Fi entertainment is more readily available for contact than a more “primitive” society, like the Dogon Tribe of Mali, West Africa? Well, maybe not, as the book The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple reveals. But maybe it helps us to cut through the distortions and distractions that are prevalent in our culture, which in turn can help us to tune-in to the frequency of the Star Beings. Which happens to relate to the next topic.


Topic 3: Frequency Signatures


If there is one aspect of Contact that has become clear to me, it is that Frequency plays an extremely important role in witnessing and communicating with Star Beings.


Frequency, rightfully so, is becoming a popular catch-phrase and topic in the world of consciousness exploration. There is a wonderful quote from Nikola Tesla that speaks directly to this importance:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


I've come to understand this statement as almost a type of universal law. Tesla understood that everything within our manifest reality is related in some way to energy, frequency and vibration. All form, all matter, is energy vibrating within different frequency spectra.


Much of how I have learned to perceive the world is related to frequency and energy. One aspect of this perception is related to a specific type of energy called a Frequency Signature.


A Frequency Signature is the uniquely identifying energetic “signature” of an object or a being. Everything, from the crystal on your altar, to the person standing in front of you in line, has a unique energetic signature that can be expressed as a frequency.


Lets take a look at how Frequency Signature manifest for human beings.


What is one thing that all human beings share in common? Our DNA. Among the billions of human beings on Earth, it is assumed that all of us share a common manifestation of DNA, and that this DNA is fundamental in our being humans. Our consensus reality (and Wikipedia) tells us that Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) “is a molecule that carries the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses.”


My perspective differs from the consensus reality in that I see DNA as a Light Encoded Filament, expressing as a Holographic Fractal Pattern, as opposed to a molecule taking the form of a double helix. This Light Encoded Filament carries forward information and frequencies which combine to give rise to manifest form of the human being. I also see that other objects (crystals, etc.) also contain an energetic form of patterning like DNA.


Regardless of the difference in my perception, DNA in some form appears to be fundamental to all beings, including human beings. Each DNA molecule will emit a unique energetic signature that is related to the unique individual that contains the DNA. In addition to this, the DNA also emits complex frequencies that further differentiate the human, and that these frequencies relate to the impossibly unique experiences of their life. This could include all of the past experiences, emotions, thoughts and feelings that have led them into their present moment. The Frequency Signature is the absolutely unique combination of all of these factors, which is continuously emitted by the human as a complex frequency.

DNA contributes to the Frequency Signature, but Frequency Signatures are not limited to DNA. All things contain a Frequency Signature because all things are made of energy. The chairs around your dinner table all have a unique Frequency Signature. The tires on your car all have a unique Frequency Signature as well. You get the point.

How does this relate to the Star Beings?

Well, many of the Star Beings have the ability, either through material or spiritual technology, to Tune-in to Frequency Signatures. They can use these frequencies to identify certain groups of people, like Starseeds for example.

Let's say a Star Being is searching the Earth for human beings who have a particular type of connection to that Star Being. Possessing an ability to tune-in to Frequency Signatures can facilitate this process. They could scan the Earth, searching out a specific bandwidth of Frequency Signature that would identify a human being with a resonance to their star system.


The Frequency Signature can logically work in the other direction too. If a human were able to tune-in to certain Frequency Signatures, they could theoretically tune-in to the Frequency Signature of a particular Star Being.

Both of these examples are precisely what is involved in my communication with Star Beings.


I have come to understand that there are many races / “nationalities” of Star Beings. Some of the whistle blowers reveal that the US government alone is secretly in communication with as many as 900 different types of Star Beings. Many of these beings are here on or near Earth in order to observe. Many more are here to help. It is my experience that there are some who are here to cause harm (from our Earth human perspective), but that these beings are in the vast minority.

Let's assume that there is a benevolent Star Being from a near by star system visiting the Earth. Let's say they are from Sirius. They are interested in helping the Earth and her humans. As this Star Being is traveling around Earth, they always have an interest in communicating with receptive humans who have a connection to Sirius. They fly their light ship / space craft around the world, with an open line of communication for all humans with a Frequency Signature containing Sirian frequencies. They are able to actively scan the planet, searching out these Sirian frequencies. Once they have identified a few (or a few thousand), they can open a line of direct communication, broadcasting a signal on the bandwidth of frequency that targets a Sirian Frequency Signature. Therefore, every human being with this bandwidth of Frequency Signature will automatically receive the signal because it is a Resonant Frequency. Thus, you wake up in the morning having dreamed of chrome silver spacecraft and your friend tells you of a similar dream.


Reversing the direction in this example, we could also initiate the communication ourselves. You could hold an intention to tune-in to Sirian frequencies. Maybe you do this in meditation. Maybe it's while you look at the night sky. Either way, it is possible for you to achieve an attunement to the Frequency Signature of Sirius, and then communication can open, much like tuning-in to a radio station.


This understanding leads me in my connection with Star Beings. I use the Frequency Signature in many ways, including witnessing Star Being craft in the sky. I will energetically scan the sky, holding an intention to tune-in to any benevolent Star Beings who are available to communicate. This intention is the mechanism of attunement to the Frequency Signature bandwidth of benevolent Star Beings who want to communicate. We will discuss this in more detail below.


Topic 4: Contact Protocol and other input


Over the years, my connection with my Star Being guides, as well as the guides of other people, has grown continuously. It is very common for me to establish direct communication with my guides during meditation, or during certain meditative activities, like when I go hiking or fly fishing. Their presence enters into most healing sessions that I facilitate with clients, and they often will facilitate the clearing of specific energies related to whatever their expertise, i.e. Sirian guides often clear issues related to the Pineal Gland and Third Eye..


Along with the help that I receive and the information that is communicated to me, I often receive instruction on how to open lines of communication with the Star Beings and the UFOs. As mentioned above, I will go outside at night and I feel a compulsion to communicate with the UFOs that are at that moment unseen by me. I will then Check-In (the meditative process that I use to enter into a Gamma State) and ask for instruction on how to see or communicate with the UFOs.

Individual circumstances may differ slightly, but there always are a few core actions that I need to take in order to see the UFOs. Please note that these are Contact Protocol steps that have organically developed for me and are meant to be a guide for you to develop your own process, or to initiate further discussion and possible training. There are many formal and informal organizations out there who have established Contact Protocol of their own and I encourage you to explore these groups and to find your resonance with them as best suits you. I cannot guarantee that you will achieve success with these steps. Nor can I guarantee that the success that you find is with Star Beings of an appropriate frequency. As always, Using Your Discernment and Integrity is Paramount.


#1: Set the Energetic Space Appropriately


When I plan to go outside at night and look for UFOs, I find it really important to set the stage energetically. This can take many forms, depending upon my intentions for the night. Sometimes, I may be planning to do some self-healing work, releasing energies from my field. In that case, I would probably build a small fire and do a Fire Ceremony for myself and for my healing. Once the fire is complete, I feel myself energetically tuned enough to be able to go through the rest of the protocols. Other times, I just want to head outside and see some UFOs without agenda. This might be a good time to Smudge with Copal, Palo Santo, Frankincense or Sage, and then Meditate to shift the frequency of my field, and perhaps even to speak directly to my Star Being guides. Regardless of the circumstances, if I am planning to head outside to see them, it is best to prepare your field in these ways so that you can tune-in to the Frequency Signature more clearly.


Sometimes, however, I find myself outside spontaneously, and not able to adequately prepare my field. In these times, I will clear my field energetically, and move along to step 2.


#2: Set an Intention


One of the most important things to do in order to help facilitate seeing the UFOs is to set your intention. Our intention is a very powerful tool of our human awareness. Our Intention can be used as a focusing of our Will, or said another way, a focusing of the energy of our Power of Creative Manifestation. Intention can assist us in tuning our energy field into the specific Frequency Signature of the UFOs or to the specific Star Beings who are available for communication. Setting our intention is like intentionally tuning the radio dial into the station that they are broadcasting on.


When I set my intention to communicate, I feel my intention rise through my field like a wave, emanating out from me in all directions. I see and feel this wave move out from me, making its way through space, and washing over any craft and Star Beings that are receptive to communication.

However, I must also be very clear with this intention, ensuring that I am opening communication with appropriate Star Beings only.

#3: Qualify the Intention for Appropriate and Beneficial Contact Only


As I am setting my intention to open contact with the UFOs, I simultaneously set that intention so that contact / communication is opened with Star Beings of only the Highest Frequency and Most Appropriate Information, Energy and Alignment.


This is a highly important point to focus on.


Part of my mission here is related to neutralizing the fear-based information and propaganda that has been sewn within our society for many decades. Nearly all popular movies that relate to Star Beings have them portrayed as negative in alignment, and most often attempting to invade or harm our world.


There have been exceptions to this, and there seems to be a very real element within Hollywood that is dedicated to turning that narrative around. Stars Wars, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, and several more have shown us multiple races of Star Beings acting as protagonists, helping to shape our consciousness and our understanding that positive races of Star Beings exist. This neutralizing aspect of my mission leads me to speak of my contact experiences freely. Holding the space of a straight forward approach without fear is important to reset the frequency and the paradigm.


However, negative Star Beings and Trans-dimensional Beings are very real. Many of these beings are actively involved in introducing Distortions into our world that instill fear and manipulate our consciousness. These beings are best avoided and when we intend to connect with Star Being consciousness, we must ensure that we are only tuning-in to the highest frequency connection available.


The way that I ensure that this happens is by clearly setting out an intention. I literally state with intention:


I intend to establish communication only with Star Beings of the Highest Frequency and Most Appropriate Information, Energy and Alignment.”


My intention acts as an energetic filter, ensuring that I am tuning into a Frequency Signature that matches my intention. Once contact or communication is established, my Energetic Discernment constantly reevaluates the Frequency Signature and the information of the connection, and if I feel any level of distortion, I can break contact.


#4: Tune-In and Observe


Once I have set these intentions, and I have sent the energy out from me as a wave, I then begin to observe the sky. I maintain the intention in the background of my consciousness, always feeling tuned-in.

If I am alone, I can allow my mind to wander around, but always maintaining the intentions that I have established in the background. If I am with other people, I allow the conversation to move organically, but I try to focus on related topics, like the information that I have gained about the various stars and the civilizations associated with them. It is important that as we are talking that we maintain the energetic frequency of contact, and that we don't allow ourselves to get side-tracked into low frequency topics of conversation (politics, sports, gossip,etc.). Observing the night sky, you will become familiar with stars and with planets. I highly recommend downloading an app for your phone or tablet that portrays the celestial bodies so that you can learn more. The one that I use on my iPhone is called SkyGuide. While tuning-in, I often will pull out my phone and turn on SkyGuide so that I can check in on stars or planets that draw my attention. I never see this as chance research, but rather as synchronicity drawing my attention towards something in the sky. I've learned a lot about the constellations and the planets by doing this.

I almost always will establish contact with a UFO following those steps. How does this usually happen?

Most of the time, the UFO will be seen as very similar to a satellite. Have you ever seen a satellite in the sky? There are literally thousands of satellites orbiting around our planet. Some of them are visible and many of them can be tracked and identified with a satellite tracker app that you can download to your phone. Satellites almost always appear in the same way.

They are very faint points of white light, traveling across the sky in straight lines, at a regular speed, and unblinking in their appearance. There are certain times of night, or certain positions in the sky when a satellite can appear to flash as it catches more sunlight and then reflects that light back at the earth. However, these traits of satellites will not vary, and they will not be linked to your Intention and Attention.

The UFOs, however, will be easy to recognize because they will be come responsive.

The Star Beings have an ability to tune-in to our Frequency Signature, just as we can tune-in to theirs. It may be impossible to absolutely know their mechanism and motivation, but my experience has shown me dozens of times that they will respond to our intention and they will reveal themselves in an undeniable way. Most often, the experience will go like this:

I am holding my intention in the background, and scanning the sky. Suddenly, my attention will be drawn to a particular part of the sky and I will catch the movement of an apparent satellite, a very faint ball of light, traveling across the sky in a regular fashion, at a regular speed. I will feel the ball of light and immediately send out a wave of intention with a question: Are you a Star Being or are you a satellite?


This is when things get very interesting. Often, at the exact moment of sending out this question, the “satellite” will flash a bright light. This is often even a flash of another color, blue being the most common. Sometimes, the “satellite” with grow intensely in its luminosity, a process which James Gilliland of the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington calls “Powering-Up.”


This is a truly exciting moment for me and at that point, I feel my way into communication with them, sometimes asking questions and receiving answers. Sometimes, it feels like the Star Beings are not necessarily available for communication, but that they wanted to acknowledge my reaching out. In those cases, they change in luminosity, clearly indicating that this is not a satellite, and they continue on their trajectory without altering their behavior in any way.


Other times, my intention and question is answered by the Star Beings very clearly. The apparent satellite will change in luminosity or color, and it will begin interacting with me. It will sometimes jump around the sky, vanishing and then re-appearing in another part of the sky, not in a direct line with the original trajectory. Sometimes they will power-up and then fade out or jump around, then power-up strongly in another part of the sky. Sometimes, they will keep their trajectory, but phase in and out rapidly, appearing to wobble or vibrate along their trajectory. Sometimes, they stop where they are and they power-up and then fade out. Quite often, once they power-up, or at least change their luminosity, they will continue on their trajectory in the sky. They will then appear to slow down, and then they appear to fade out as they are moving away from you, until they fade out completely. I see this as the craft having changed its vertical trajectory and beginning to move away from the surface of the Earth. As it gets further away, the perspective appears that it is slowing down and fading out, when in actuality, it may be moving very far away.

These are just some examples of the more common ways that I have had the intentional contact manifest. Your experiences may be very similar, or very different. I have been with friends on several occasions where we are intentionally tuning-in to the Star Beings and we have had these exact scenarios play out.


One time, with my friend Glenn, we were sitting outside after dinner and he really wanted to see a UFO. I told him we were going to. I followed the protocol, and within about 15-20 minutes, I saw a “satellite” and knew immediately that a craft was presenting itself. I pointed it out and told him, “There's a UFO.” He essentially said, no, that's a satellite. As we watched it move across the sky, it flashed brightly at us and his reaction was priceless. It continued to interact with us by flashing and changing colors, undoubtedly a Star Being and not a satellite.


I don't know for sure why they appear as a satellite, but my hit is that it is an easy way for them to mask their appearance while moving around our planet. The craft that I have witnessed are capable of producing an inconceivable amount of energy (relative to our obsolete paradigm), and these power-ups that we observe produce millions, or maybe even billions, of candle-power luminosity. And it is being done under intelligent control.

Pretty amazing!

I hope that this entry has been informative and thought provoking for you.

As always, please feel free to comment, and if you want to discuss the topic further, please drop me a line. Thank you and have a beautiful Star Being experience.