There has been a lot of recent Solar Activity, although little of it has been Earth-directed.  These energies are very effective to the Earth despite the phenomenon known as the Earth Facing Quiet Effect.  In recent days and weeks, there have been multiple strong releases of Hyder Flares and there have been strong Solar Wind Streams emanating from Coronal Holes.  These periods of activity are hugely important opportunities, but we need to understand the energetics of the the activity in order to best utilize the energy available.

Solar Flares are massive emissions of high frequency energy from the Sun, usually in X-Ray form. They are classified on a scale, with X Class flares being the strongest emission. These can be capable of interrupting or even damaging satellite communications and the world power grid. Solar Flares are often accompanied by Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) which are essentially explosions of plasma from the surface of the Sun, hurled into space into the Solar System. The Solar Flares and CMEs carry with them an inconceivable amount of energy, material and information, and regardless of whether or not they are directly Geo-effective (directed at the Earth), the energy is available for us to use.


A recent multi-year study in Germany revealed that the energetics of solar activity can have a profound effect upon human consciousness. The researchers found that participants who had self reported as having a personal practice of mindfulness (meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, etc.) found an increase in positive outlook and overall joy in their life during periods of increased solar activity, whereas people who did not participate in these practices, or who held a primarily negative view of reality experienced exacerbated negative circumstances in their life.

Therefore the study found that people who were focused internally with a positive energy were able to utilize the additional Earth-directed energy of the solar flares and CMEs to further reinforce the expansion of their consciousness and betterment of their inner and outer world during the Solar Storms. Whereas, those who did not have these practices or who generally self identified as being in a negative state experienced an increase in the so-called negative situations and experiences of their life.

We can understand this as that the energy directed to us from the Sun during this activity is entirely Neutral and that it is our personal alignment with, or perhaps response to, this incoming flow of energy that determines how the additional energy becomes manifest within our life. It is a springboard for us, but whether we leap up or spiral down is related in large part to how we relate to our own life experience.

We have had several Hyder Flares recently.  A Hyder Flare is the result of extremely large filaments of plasma hovering above the Sun's surface suddenly collapsing into the Sun and then exploding out, or suddenly releasing into space.  These flares often produce a CME, but always, they are huge releases of energy and information. We also have an enormous Sun Spot transiting the Earth-facing portion of the Sun.  It is currently developing the magnetic fields that could produce an Earth-directed Solar Flare.  Regardless of whether or not it breaks the Earth Facing Quiet Effect, the Sun Spot is a transmission of energy to our planet and Solar System.  This means that there is a tremendous opportunity for us to flow with this energy from our local Source, the Sun, and allow it to assist us through whatever transitions may be moving through our life at this time.

Many people are experiencing intensities and challenges in their life now. Whether it be personal, in relationships, or even the material like finances, etc., these frequencies are rising to the surface of our manifest experience, asking to be acknowledged and released. Old patterns of belief or behavior are "up" right now, coming forward into our consciousness so that we can accept our own healing and let go of these patterns once and for all. A moment of such profundity, combined with Solar Energy arriving at the Earth, is a recipe for tremendous change within our lives. Much as the frequencies rise and are released from the Sun's surface, perhaps these frequencies are rising in our lives and being catapulted forward in release.

I encourage you to check into the energies associated with these Solar Storms and to utilize it to the best of your ability, and to remember that this can be as simple as intending a beautiful and joyful day.