I'd like to share an easy yet powerful meditation that I have found very helpful in balancing and clearing my energetic field.  I have also found it profoundly powerful at transporting my energy and my consciousness.  You may have heard of this technique.  It is the Merkaba Meditation.

The Merkaba is an energetic field that underlies much of creation and is woven into the very fabric of our perceptible reality.  It is manifest in reality at all levels, from the electrogravitic flow of energy in the atom, to the movement of the billions of stars within a galaxy.  The creation of a Merkaba Field is also the creation of a Toroidal Field of energy, which, according to Nassim Haramein, is the fundamental geometry of the fabric of space and reality.  Though the Merkaba and its associated meditations have come further into the awareness of the Western World, many cultures and civilizations throughout the world and throughout all of recorded history have had knowledge of this field.

Ancient cultures have understood that the use of this field by Human Beings is a very powerful energetic practice. Examples of this are the Sri Yantra and many other yantras in India, Tibet, etc. and perhaps the most recognizable symbol in the world, the Star of David.  Looking at the Star of David, we see two triangles, one laid upon the other and inverted to each other.  This is an ancient sacred geometry, portraying in a 2-dimensional representation the multidimensional geometry.  We call this geometry the Merkaba. Though this symbol is associated with Israel and Judaism in general, the geometry has its origins much further back than either the contemporary nation or the ancient religion.  Derivations of this image can be found in ancient India going back several thousands of years.  I am told that the imagery goes back even further into the reaches of our distant past with the civilizations that we know as Atlantis and Lemuria.

There are many varieties of the Merkaba Meditation.  I'm going to share the meditation that was given to me by my guides several years ago, prior to my understanding of what the Merkaba was all about. Practicing this meditation will help bring your mental, emotional and energetic bodies into harmony with the pervasive energetic fields of the Universe.  Aligning with universal energy facilitates many things, including expelling discordant frequencies from your field and helping you to align with your higher purpose in this life.

Before you begin, it is easiest if you are seated, though the meditation can be done practically anywhere.  First, while seated, take a few deep breaths to center your energy.  Visualize pulling your Spirit / Energy back into your body through the Third Eye.  See that energy condense into a small, potent ball of light.  Visualize this ball dropping down from your Third Eye into your Throat Chakra, down into your Heart Chakra.  Take another breath here, centering your attention in your expansive, unlimited heart energy.  Next, visualize dropping your ball of light down through the Solar Plexus, then the Sacral Chakra, into the Root Chakra.  Then see this ball drop through your perineum into the Earth.  Descend into the Earth as deep as you want to go in order to ground your energy.  When you are ready, begin to raise your ball of light back up through the Chakras until you reach the Heart Chakra again.  Take a couple of deep breaths and focus your intent upon your heart energy.

Now, visualize a point out in front of you, level with the ground.  This point is the first point of the first triangle.  Draw a RED line with your mind back and behind you to the Left.  This second point should be at least 1/2 meter behind and to the side of your body.  Draw a second line to the Right, connecting this second point to a third point, behind and to your Right side, 1/2 Meter behind and to the side of you.  Take this last point and draw a third line from this point to the original point in front of your body.  All of the lines should be Red.  Now, take all three points and draw lines from each of them up to a single point above your head, approximately 1/2 meter above you.

You are now sitting inside of a Tetrahedron, or a pyramid composed of 4 triangles (on 3 sides and underneath you). Once you have held that image strong in your mind, begin drawing the second pyramid.

Start with a point 1/2 meter in front and to the left of your body.  It should be directly in front of the second point, and even with the first point of the pyramid that you have already draw.  This point should be about shoulder height.  Take this point and draw a Black line to a point directly 1/2 meter behind your body at shoulder height.  This should be right in the middle of your spine.  This is the second point.  Now, draw another black line from this point to a third point 1/2 meter in front of and to the right of your body.  Connect this third point with the first point by drawing a Black line straight across in front of your body.  You are now inside of a black triangle.  Take the three points of this triangle and draw lines from them down to a single point, directly below your perineum and about 1/2 meter below the ground.  This creates a Black Tetrahedron.

Hold this second pyramid in your mind until it is held strongly, simultaneously with the red pyramid.

Now, begin to slowly rotate the Red pyramid clockwise.  Do not increase the speed of rotation until you can hold the rotating pyramid strongly in mind. Speed it up and maintain its speed as fast as you can.

Begin rotating the Black pyramid Counterclockwise.  Increase speed slowly as you hold the Black and Red Pyramids spinning simultaneously.  Once the two pyramids are spinning together at the same rate, increase their speed until you reach the maximum speed that you can hold the pyramids both spinning.

The process of counter-rotating these pyramids creates an energetic field and energetic geometry around your body.  This field brings your energy body into harmony with the Universal patterns of energy.  As you practice this meditation, you will entrain your energy body to come into harmony with this Field and therefore with the Universe.  Also, you begin to expel any energetic frequencies within your field that are discordant or not in Harmony with the Universe.  These frequencies are literally expelled like water being spun out of your clothes in your laundry washing machine.  The more that you practice this Merkaba, the more discordant frequencies are expelled and the more your natural energetic signature becomes harmonized.

The Merkaba Meditation is a very powerful practice and can initiate many energetic activations and many changes within your life.  This is especially important as we observe (an don't attach to) the external world and the crumbling of the consensus reality every day.  I have found this to be a helpful way to balance my energy and I hope that you do too.