Photo by Megan Bowers

Photo by Megan Bowers

My name is Matthew Ryan. I am the developer of a new energetic healing modality called Gamma Wave Healing.  My journey into energetic healing has been very interesting and somewhat unexpected. Some of the techniques that I have today for working directly with energy came into this world with me. When I was young, I always knew that there was a purpose in this world for me and that I was here on a mission to help change the world in some unknown way. Also at that time, I was very psychically inclined, though I did not necessarily know this to be the case.

I often had Lucid Dreams that were about the future and that these dreams would come true. Dreaming the future used to scare me a lot when I was young and I would do everything that I could to alter the outcome of the dream becoming reality in the “real” world. These attempts never succeeded and my dreams always played out in front of me. This frightened me because I had no understanding of what was happening and why it happened to me.

I could speak to animals and I could see things that the adults could not see, like faeries, nature spirits, etc. I could regularly see Auras, though I never knew that this was what I was seeing until many years later in my adult life. I also had a series of Out of Body Experiences, and what I observed was often corroborated by other people. Though I came into this world with many important gifts, it was many years later until I really began to develop these abilities.

Like many American children, I became interested in sports and the middle childhood years of my life were occupied with American football and preparing for college, and not many spiritual events stood out for me. When I was 19 years old and a sophomore in college, my direction in life changed and returned me to a spiritual path. A series of events unfolded that really directed me to question what was important in my life. I emerged from these events with an understanding that helped to nudge me onto my authentic path.

Following this time, I grew interested in the esoteric and read everything that came across my path, like Carlos Castaneda, Bringers of the Dawn, the Celestine Prophecy, the Four Agreements and many more. I also discovered the Tarot, which immediately became a valuable tool for me to check-in and receive information. At this time, I began doing readings for other people, at first as fun for friends and family, but soon thereafter, as a regular source of guidance for these people as they repeatedly would ask me for readings.

The singular moment that has had the most direct impact upon my current path occurred on April 12, 2004. While hiking in the mountains above my home in Taos, NM, I had a close encounter with a UFO.

The craft came down out of the sky, directly above me, and began to hover there, right above the tree tops. There was an absolutely intense pulsing of energy, coming in very low frequency waves that moved through every cell in my body. My immediate thought was, “Wow! That's a low frequency.” Then my next thought was, “Holy cow, I'm going to get taken!”

The funny thing was, I felt no fear at the prospect of being taken aboard this craft. Quickly, I realized, “No, they're not taking me, they're talking to me.” I stood there staring up into the sky at this semi-invisible spacecraft (I could visibly see its shape and a distorted outline of it against the background of a partly cloudy blue New Mexico sky, but the craft itself was "invisible"). I could simultaneously see the craft clearly in my 3rd Eye, about 30 feet long, chrome silver, and shaped like an almond, while it hovered and its engine continued pulsing intense waves of energy at me. I stood there probably 25-30 seconds before the craft rotated its orientation and began to fly up the canyon that I was standing in, heading to higher elevation. Several times, it crossed out of direct line of sight when it would move behind a ridge line, and then it would come back into line of sight. Finally, it seemed to land on the Taos Pueblo Indian Reservation and the propulsion system on-board the craft was turned off. It was dead silent for about 7 seconds and then all of the normal noises of the forest came back. I could suddenly hear squirrels and birds and the wind in the trees. Before that, nothing; a total void of sound. I began to laugh and wondered, “What the heck was that?”

Obviously this was not an everyday event in my life and was very bizarre. However, I had always believed that we are not alone in the Universe and I really did not explore this event in any way until a few years later, during my second ever Past Life Regression.

A friend of mine is a certified regression therapist and I began working with her in 2009, several years after the encounter. While under hypnosis in my 2nd regression, I was guided to go back into this experience with the UFO. I was shown then that this event had been a prearranged event and was not a chance encounter. I saw that the Being piloting the craft was in fact a past life incarnation of mine from approximately 63,000 years ago on Earth. This Star Being was from the star system Alpha Centauri and had been living in what we now call Peru, acting as a sort of spiritual ambassador to the Earth. She (the Star Being) came forward in time 63,000 years in order to find me (her future self) and to activate me energetically. She altered and activated my DNA and set in motion a process that would guide me onto the path that I am now on.

Since this regression, and especially since the actual event, many of the abilities that were activated in the close encounter have come “online” for me. I continued working with my friend and activated several other abilities from Past Lives. Since the encounter with the UFO, my sight has changed very rapidly and the energetic access that I have been granted has continually been increased. It seems that every 6 months or so since that initial regression when the purpose of the close encounter was revealed, new abilities have been activated and uploaded.  The Star Being from the craft has remained to this day as one of my Spiritual Guides.

Several years after the close encounter, I had another type of close encounter that profoundly affected me and my abilities. While visiting family in Hawaii in 2012, I had a Lucid Dream with a pod of Spinner Dolphins. They told me to wake up the next morning before sunrise and to go swim out in the ocean alone. I knew that I needed to do this, but it did trigger some healthy fear, since I knew all about tiger sharks through my studies in Marine Ecology. I had faith that my fear wouldn't be realized and that instead I would have a beautiful encounter.

The pod of dolphins found me (or I found them) after swimming in the ocean for about 30 minutes. I was well off shore, but still over shallow water, about 20 feet deep. First, I heard and felt their whistles and clicks and became very excited. The pod consisted of 11 Spinner Dolphins. 2 of them immediately swam away and the remaining 9 stayed with me for about 45 minutes. They continually swam around me, making eye contact, and bombarding me with whistles and clicks. I could feel the extremely high frequencies going into my 3rd Eye and other energy centers, as well as my physical body. They were very clearly working with my energy body and my DNA. One dolphin in particular, a young adult female, worked with me directly at least 3 times. She activated my 3rd Eye in a new way and was directly communicating with me. I could hear her like thoughts in my mind.

This was a life changing experience and ended up producing many changes within me. Most clearly, I had a received an activation within my 3rd Eye that I call my Dolphin Sight. Since this encounter, my 3rd Eye is able to perceive energy like a dolphin does and can also emit high frequency energy to facilitate healing. This female dolphin has remained a member of my healing team and I have regular contact with her while working with clients. Pretty awesome.

All of these experiences and more have shaped my path and guided me into this moment where I can share these techniques and access with you. I eventually formulated a modality of techniques that can be replicated and taught, which is called Gamma Wave Healing.  Several years ago, while communicating with my Alpha Centauri guide, I asked her what the name of the modality should be.  She told me that if I needed a name, I could call it Gamma Wave Healing because I enter into a Gamma State when I am facilitating the healing work. At least a year after this, I was working with a friend who owns Brain State Technology machines.  I did a healing session while connected to this machine in order to measure my brain activity, and sure enough, I was registering a Gamma State.

The core principles and techniques of Gamma Wave Healing are taught during the Level 1 Workshop. These techniques will produce an ever-increasing level of energetic access for you. The more that we practice and utilize these energetic pathways and techniques, the more that our energetic access and perception increases.

The Level 2 Workshop focuses on more advanced techniques for energetic clearing of a person's energy field, building upon the core foundation from Level 1. These techniques include working with the Memory Field, Clearing Negative Connective Chords, and Clearing Hitchhikers.  The Level 3 Workshop has a few more advanced clearing techniques and also has several energetic activations which will open an increased energetic access for the student.

I am honored and excited to bring this modality into being at this time.  I truly love what I do and I hope to share this modality with you, either through workshops or individual sessions.